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Are we actually building to a Revival/Harlem Heat feud?

Sunday night on the TLC Kickoff show, Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson of The Revival crashed the panel and talked some trash.

This was to build to their challenging The New Day for the SmackDown Tag titles on the PPV. But is also involved two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. The Top Guys invited “Texas boys” Booker & brother Stevie Ray to “come to North Carolina and see what it’s like”.

Dawson & Stevie jawed a bit more about in on Twitter:

After the moment on WWE Network, Booker said he didn’t respond so as to not sink to The Revival’s level. He has a bit more to say on the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast (transcription courtesy Fightful):

“I didn’t want to say anything about it because I didn’t want to give it any credence. When The Revival stepped to me on the kickoff, it took me back a little bit to my old days. It made me feel the juices flowing a little bit. It made me want to POP ‘EM. Almost get back in the game for a second. I understand where these young guys are coming from. I’ve been there before as far as being in that spot and not actually knowing where you’re going; you’re getting looked over by all the other teams. But you gotta know where to direct your anger sometimes, and the Revival stepped to me like they wanted to do something.

A fight is one thing, a match is something totally different. I think these guys look at me and my brother like we’re two jabronies that ain’t ready to fight. These guys talking about a match. Me and my brother ain’t off to wrestling nobody right now. But if they talking about a fight? I’m down. I ain’t got time to putting on my trunks and boots and trying to dress up like one of these guys on the roster. I’m a businessman. These guys (are) trying to make a name for themselves, and they trying to do that at the expense of Booker T and Stevie Ray. I ain’t no chump and I ain’t backing out of no fight anytime soon.

Dawson, Wilder. You want us? You might want to rethink that because you could be about to ruin your careers. I would question myself if I was you two, as far as wanting to wake up a sleeping giant. Think about it.”

Now, Book’s been known to work a work that was never gonna lead to a match in the past. So this could just be a way to eyes and ears on the folks involved.

But, it is almost WrestleMania season. Would you be shocked if a Revival vs. Harlem Heat match found its way onto that card? Or maybe the next Saudi Arabia show?


Give us your thought below, Cagesiders.

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