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The lengths Becky Lynch went to to keep Kairi Sane safe at TLC

Whatever systems WWE has in place to address in-match injuries during televised events, those failed on Sunday night at TLC.

Fortunately, it seems like Kairi Sane is okay after suffering what most believe was a concussion during the main event tables, ladders, and chairs match she took part in with Asuka, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch. We don’t really know what “okay” means, but it was enough to walk on stage and give the fans a smile during Raw in Des Moines, Iowa last night (Dec. 16). We also don’t have confirmation that what Sane was dealing with was a brain injury, or if that was the only issue.

What we do know is that Lynch did whatever she could to take charge of the situation and keep Kairi out of harm’s way. It’s evident in the footage on WWE Network. While it didn’t succeed completely, it was impressive - especially considering the Raw Women’s champion stayed central to the action of the match while trying to protect her colleague.

Thanks to some fan footage shared on reddit this morning, we now have the best example of what Becky did to watch out for Sane. Since the officials apparently weren’t being told to do anything, and with Kairi likely trying to continue on because that’s what athletes do, Lynch did the only thing she thought she could:

Literally roll her opponent under the ring so she wouldn’t get damaged by anything else that happened while they finished the match.

That’s why she’s The Man.

WWE has some work to do to better handle wrestlers getting concussions and other injuries mid-match. Because they can’t guarantee everyone is going to have the presence of mind Becky Lynch showed in Minneapolis this weekend.

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