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Reminder: Nothing matters in WWE

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw featured a Gauntlet match pitting R-Truth, Akira Tozawa, Ricochet, Matt Hardy, Humberto Carrillo, and Andrade against each other for the right to challenge Rey Mysterio for the United States championship. Said match took the better part of an hour to complete, didn’t have a finish, and actually Seth Rollins will be wrestling Mysterio for the title next week.

I will repeat that, dear reader.

WWE booked a match that takes an hour with the promise the winner would get a title shot, and then didn’t crown a winner and gave the title shot to someone who wasn’t even in the match.

This is your now weekly reminder that nothing matters in WWE, ever.

By the way, this was the same show that featured The O.C. cleanly beating The Viking Raiders just one night after going to a double countout at TLC. They did not win the titles, however, because they were not on the line like they were at TLC.

Again, nothing matters. It’s just things happening.

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