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A good sign from the badass Kairi Sane

After TLC last night (Sun., Dec. 15), a lot of viewers were concerned about Kairi Sane. There was much debate online about when exactly an injury occurred, but for most of the second half of the Kabuki Warriors vs. Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch main event, it looked pretty clear that Sane was not 100%.

Like the Twitter blame game about the injury itself, discerning who knew what, and when, is mostly supposition. A rewatch aided by this thread from Stephαnie Rosαnó will make it more plain just how much communication was going on between the wrestlers and officials, though. Once Lynch realized something was wrong after the spot where Kairi splashed through a table on the floor - but unfortunately not before Flair went into the spear/powerbomb sequence - Becky, Asuka, Charlotte and the officials can be seen working to get Sane out of harm’s way and get the match to the finish.

Reports in the minutes and hours after the show were that Kairi was getting medical attention (from Wrestling Observer’s Brian Alvarez), and that she was recovering well (from Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue) from what most believed was a concussion. Her colleagues were heralding her:

But we hadn’t heard much in the way of a prognosis, or anything from Sane herself. Then, an hour or so ago...

We’ll take it.

Sending positive vibes to the Pirate Princess, and gratitude to all the people in this weird, wonderful business/art who risk their health for our entertainment.

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