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Daniel Bryan’s return to an old look has the internet asking big questions

Whatever else happened when he got dragged through the ring to Bray Wyatt’s interdimensional barber shop, Daniel Bryan got a cut & trim.

After achieving the biggest moments of his career as a shaggy-haired beard-o, Bryan returned at TLC with a look we haven’t seen since his was a contestant on the old faux-reality competition version of NXT. Or more famously, since he was wrestling under his real name (Bryan Danielson) in Ring of Honor & elsewhere and calling himself The American Dragon.

This throwback to roughly a decade ago has fans scratching their heads. Not because they’re not happy to see a pre-YES! Movement version of his character, but because, well, does he age?

Is Bryan the sports-entertainment version of Paul Rudd?

His wife or sister-in-law’s guess at Bryan’s youthful secret has Renee Young rethinking her lifestyle:

Meanwhile, a fan thought the new/old look DBD reminded them of someone else, so they put their Photoshop skills to work and made it impossible to unsee:

To which we can only respond:

Mind blown?

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