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WWE TLC 2019 results: Lashley & Lana make it an unhappy Rusev Day

Love it, hate it, hate that you love it... whatever your feelings about the Rusev/Lana/Lashley storyline, it led us to a tables match at TLC on Sun., Dec. 16.

How’d that go?

It was pretty much like the feud. All involved, especially Rusev, worked hard to get it over (and the Minneapolis crowd did seem to be pretty into it). They spent a lot of time setting up things they didn’t use later. Jerry Lawler had a lot of bad jokes.

Rusev was the first to be put through something, but it wasn’t a table.

That left the Elated One taking kendo stick shots to the back, pleading with his wife while she laughed at him. He had a comeback in him, but it was short-lived, as Lana cut it off by jumping on his back and raking his eyes. Her boyfriend then drove Rusev at a table set up in one corner, and when that didn’t break, he suplexed him through one set up in the opposite corner.

And so, if the babyface is gonna win this thing, it ain’t over.

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