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WWE TLC 2019 results: King Corbin & his court too much for Roman Reigns to overcome

Heading into TLC on Dec. 15, Roman Reigns had been handcuffed to a ring post and covered in dog food. But he’d also taken out two members of King Corbin’s usual court - Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler. Which is why Corbin had to send his “security” at The Big Dog to start their Tables, Ladders & Chairs match in Minneapolis.

From there, these two rivals brawled around Target Center on their way to finally getting into the ring. Their personal animosity, and the no disqualification environment the stipulation provided, were on full display. A shot with a can of dog food in his fist followed by a chokeslam through a table got Corbin a nearfall.

That led a frustrated King to clear the announce tables, but whatever he had planned there backfired when Romey countered it into a Samoan Drop.

It seemed like things had swung back into Corbin’s favor with the reveal that not only was Dolph healthy, he was hiding under the ring.

For some reason The Show-Off & The King decided to beat up a timekeeper before finishing off the Big Dog. That gave Reigns a chance to drop kick the heels and take out a bunch of “security” with a kendo stick. Then The Revival showed up.

Lots to overcome.

Too much, it turned out. All the baddies hit their finisher on The Big Dog, onto a steel chair. After an End of Days, the King reigned supreme.

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