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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (Dec. 13: 2019): Creepy gift

Buying presents for little kids is really tough. I would know - I have two nieces and was pulling my hair out over it earlier this week. Leave it to Bray Wyatt to show us the way of buying presents for our kids; who wouldn’t want a scary doll for Christmas?!

This Miz/Wyatt feud has gotten legitimately unsettling in a hurry and I love it to bits. Miz sat down with Renee Young in his home to discuss his recent actions and how he’s dealing with the fact that he’s got, you know, a terrifying monster stalking him at all times. And as a brief aside, this is one of the best ways to utilize both Renee and the Miz’s on-screen talents. They’re both absolutely exceptional in interviews, and they used this medium to set the story perfectly.

First, Renee asked the Miz why he got involved in this Wyatt/Daniel Bryan feud to begin with. And according to the Miz, it’s because he’s changed. He’s always had a contentious relationship with Bryan, but Miz knows that Bryan’s heart is in the right place. He also knows the value that Bryan brings to the show, and wasn’t about to let Wyatt ruin Bryan.

...But now? Oh, now he’s got Wyatt threatening his family, hacking their security systems, and planting toys in their children’s rooms without anyone’s notice. No big deal.

Miz and Maryse sprinted up to their daughter’s room once Wyatt appeared on their security video and yanked her out of the play area. Wyatt had left a doll for her with the doll’s face painted like the Fiend’s mask. The interview and filming were cut abruptly, due to the family’s unease.

To make things even more freaky, Wyatt appeared in the Firefly Fun House to imply some more scary things. He said that he admired how much the Miz loves his family before saying that Sister Abigail used to teach him things like “snitches get stitches.” Not only does that imply that she was his moral compass (who’s gone at this point, which is terrifying) but it also shows his problem with Miz.

To make things worse, Wyatt also said that he has trained himself not to feel pain or love. That implies that he was in so much unbearable pain from losing Abigail and the rest of his family that he’s cut it off altogether. And on top of that, he said he can teach Miz to cut off those feelings too. You know, like he taught Finn Balor and Seth Rollins.

Bray Wyatt’s a big ol’ bucket of NOPE and it’s so awesome.

The hound’s still got claws

Baron Corbin opened the show like it feels like he always does these days to gloat about the dog food incident from last week. He and Dolph Ziggler were all too pleased with themselves and acted as if they’d won the entire feud with Roman Reigns by covering him in dog food.


The New Day had heard enough at a certain point and told the two goons to cork it. They mocked Corbin’s attire and the fact that he’s still riding this king title like it actually means something, and Corbin shot back by making fun of how Kofi Kingston lost the WWE Championship.

Touché. Kingston would end up slapping Corbin, which set up a singles match between the two to close the show. Here’s where it got interesting...or it showed how dumb Corbin is - take your pick.

Corbin and Ziggler went backstage to their locker room to find their security guards beaten up and put through furniture. “What does it mean?!” Ziggler even said. Hmm. I wonder. The dudes who carry Corbin’s chair to the ring were unconscious as well, which should really have told them something.

Instead, they went out to fight Kingston, eventually got roped into a tag match, and eventually got disqualified for cuffing Kingston to the ring post. They clearly wanted to hit him with the dog food treatment, but Reigns appeared to take out every single person involved.

And that’s good! Reigns has been pretty tame for quite a while, to be honest. What Corbin and Ziggler did to him was stupid, but it should also be the sort of thing to way a main good guy up and do something impressive. Taking out a dozen men - admittedly with New Day’s help - is pretty damn impressive.

I think we’re at the point where Corbin needs to get what’s coming to him at TLC. As long as that happens, I’ll be fairly pleased with the storyline.

The Rest

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross def. Fire and Desire - I thought it was pretty funny that Michael Cole set this up as the heels looking for retribution before sending it to a video recap of himself saying the exact same thing last week.

With that said, I liked Fire and Desire attacking the Bliss and Cross backstage. The match was extremely short, but it’s just meant to reestablish Bliss and Cross, so no big deal.

The Revival def. Mustafa Ali and Chad Gable - This was one of my favorite segments on the show for several reasons. Firstly...that fall was legendary, Dash Wilder. His giddy reaction to it was brilliant as well.

As for the match itself? It’s 4 really awesome wrestlers getting some time to try to display why the Revival are dangerous on Sunday. Blindly leaping into a Shatter Machine is pretty damn dangerous. Mission accomplished.

Bayley def. Dana Brooke - I liked the Elias/Bayley segment backstage that predicated this! Elias said he got Bayley as his Secret Santa and gave the gift he likes to give everyone: a song. This song, however, was rude and made fun of Bayley’s haircut. Her reactions were really good and those two whisper-shouted at each other to go to a commercial break which was pretty great as well.

Dana laughed at the song, so she got the Champ in a singles match that didn’t go too well for her.

The Artists def. Heavy Machinery - Yet another really fun storyline throughout the night. Otis got Sami Zayn as a Secret Santa and got the man a ham. Instead of understanding that Otis was trying to find common ground with him, Zayn freaked out about being vegan and called him a dumb oaf. That led to the match above, and the crowd was firmly in the corner of Heavy Machinery.

Really glad to see Cesaro and Nakamura picking up a win. I’d love to see them and Ali/Gable getting involved more strongly in the tag team scene.

Watching this show was pretty hectic for me. I’m dealing with a lot of family coming and going at the moment, so getting time to sit and watch the show was tough.

And the reason I mention that is because I was probably in a difficult mood to even watch the show and SmackDown flipped that mood entirely. This was a really fun show - one of their best in the last few months.

Grade: B+

More like that one, please!

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