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Don’t expect to see AJ Lee return to WWE television

It’s been a pretty common refrain. With CM Punk (kind of) back in the fold as part of the WWE Backstage team, fans are now asking when his significant other might make some kind of appearance.

AJ Mendez, who wrestled as AJ Lee, was a long-reigning Divas champion and very popular performer in a variety of roles across her five-plus years with WWE. Since retiring shortly after Punk left the company, she’s dedicated her time to writing and activism. But it hasn’t stopped fans from hoping. Her hubby’s return to a wrestling-related job, and mentions of her on Backstage, have only fueled the fire.

But don’t hold out too much hope. When someone tried to add her to Punk’s wishlist of guests for the FS1 show, AJ shot them down. Very politely, but still a firm “no”.

Alright. But that’s not gonna stop us from fantasy booking a reunion show appearance or spot in the Hall of Fame.

We’re pretty sure WWE offers snacks at those.

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