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Lana says she has received multiple death threats since Bobby Lashley story began

Sure the Lana, Rusev, and Bobby Lashley story has made for some bad TV, but never this bad.

Though it looks like this very long storyline may be coming to a close, that has not stopped a certain segment of fans from letting their hate for it be known. The massive problem is that some fans have now lobbed harassment and death threats at Lana due to the angle.

Speaking with, Lana explains that the death threats against her have been so bad that the FBI has had to get involved on her behalf.

“I personally have received a lot of death threats. I’ve gotten calls from like WWE and the FBI, people actually threatening WWE. Having death threats on me and the FBI has had to call me and protect me. And I get death threats on my comments on Instagram, on Twitter. I mean, people are bullies. I mean today I opened my email account and I had this death threat on my email.

But it was just like the names that people call are just, it’s just appalling. It’s absolutely appalling.”

Here’s hoping cooler heads prevail here and FBI sorts all this out. Nobody, should be harassed due to of all things a very bad pro wrestling story.

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