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Sure sounds like Goldberg wants another match with Undertaker

Saudi Arabia would do it.

When Goldberg and The Undertaker last shared a ring, it was June 2019, and it quickly devolved into one of the worst matches of the year. So was the story of WWE’s Super ShowDown main event in Saudi Arabia.

Goldberg would go on to admit he knocked himself out during the match, and later called it ‘The perfect storm of crappiness’.


That sums it up.

Hyping up Goldberg’s guest spot on the next episode of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, WWE Network released a teaser clip. In the video, Austin and Goldberg play a word association game. When asked about Undertaker, Goldberg gave a very honest answer.

“Austin: Undertaker

Goldberg: I owe him a receipt.”

So Goldberg and Undertaker, are you two doing anything on, oh let’s says around June 2020? Super Showdown 2 in Saudi Arabia?


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