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Charlotte Flair responds to Corey Graves criticism about her role in WWE

Last week Corey Graves had a take on Charlotte Flair.

On his podcast After The Bell, Graves implied that Flair was just going through the motions in WWE. Flair kind of agreed, but then she also didn’t. Not one to pass over some free publicity for his WWE endorsed podcast, of course Graves booked Flair as his lead guest for this week’s episode of After The Bell.

Graves and Flair would then go on to have a weird interaction, where they danced around the topic of wrestlers not being happy with their roles in WWE. How do you criticize your bosses without actually criticizing your bosses?

“It’s like I had all those moments last year, how did I fall off? I think it’s just sometimes with standards, if the bar is set so high, maybe this just doesn’t feel like that gear? Instead of getting angry or frustrated, I have to tell myself to ‘not everything can be main event for me’.”

Flair and Graves would then loop back into the debate about whether her chasing the tag titles was good for her career. Which goes back to Flair’s point of not everything she does having to revolve around the women’s main event scene.

This kind of overlooks the fact, from both Flair and Graves, that The Queen is still in the women’s main event scene and no matter the brand, she never really left it.

After two weeks of Charlotte Flair topics on Corey Graves’ podcast, it feels like we just went around in one big circle. On the list of WWE female performers complaining about their role with the company, how high can Flair really be?

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