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Missed table spot, possible Dakota Kai injury is scarier in slow motion

This could have been so much worse.

Last night on NXT, Dakota Kai and Mia Yim put on one hell of a grudge match. Since she is now a no good heel, Kai cheated her way to victory. The old ‘remove the padding on the top turnbuckle’ trick was enough for Kai to get past Yim on Wednesday night.

Post-match, things got a little crazier for Kai and Yim. The setup was for Kai and Yim to battle up to the raised tech area at Full Sail. Off the top of one table Yim suplexed Kai down onto a pair of tables waiting below.

The problem was there was a gap between the tables, and the fall was overshot by Yim and Kai. The result was Kai’s head just glancing the edge of the second table, while both women's bodies crashed through the closer table.

Rough spot.

Kai’s possible injury looks even worse in slow motion.

Did barely hitting her head on the second table actually lessen the impact for the back of Kai’s head once it hit the floor? Could the spot have worked if there was only one table, and Yim and Kai didn’t miss their mark?

Kai would later confirm she received eight staples last night from her match with Yim.

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