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Renee Young confirms ‘Backstage’ talks to WWE to ‘see what they are comfortable with us talking about’

Watching the first few weeks of WWE Backstage has made clear exactly what kind of show it will be, even with CM Punk on board for occasional episodes. While the panelists and pundits may be critical of the WWE product at times, there have been topics they’ve failed to broach that, in any true journalistic endeavor, absolutely should have been covered.

Even Corey Graves’ podcast covered the Saudi Arabia travel situation, even if it was simly Graves giving his point of view.

Now, Renee Young has confirmed to TV Insider that they’ll actually check with WWE on what they cover:

“We want to do a service to WWE and FOX. Obviously, we keep our fans in mind with all of it. We want to cover as much as we can, but we bounce stuff off WWE as well to see what they are comfortable with us talking about.

“I’ve worked there for so long I know exactly what that line is always going to be anyway. We’re still developing the show and listening to what fans want. We’re always on social media and seeing what people are into and not into. We’re going to cover the big headlines and the reaction, but also other stuff going on like Dana Brooke and Dave Bautista’s weird love affair that’s happening online. So, we try to cover as much as we can. An hour goes by so quickly.”

That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about WWE Backstage. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, just that you shouldn’t take it all that seriously regarding any sort of truly critical approach to what’s being covered.

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