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Behind the scenes of the Undertaker-rooni with Booker T

Undertaker sat down with Steve Austin for the premiere episode of The Broken Skull Sessions and, thankfully, the topic of the Undertaker-rooni came up. Not only do we get to hear Undertaker’s take, but Booker T also weighed in on it during his podcast.

This is one of those clips better seen than read.

The story is about Booker T getting the crowd behind Undertaker to do a spinarooni after the show went off the air. Undertaker looks into the camera and says, “You put them up to that, Vince. And when I get back there, I better not see you. ‘Cause I’m looking for you. There ain’t a chance in hell I’m going to get out here and do the spinarooni, so you might better send the cavalry.” Booker was busting a gut laughing at this footage.

Booker spilled the beans on how that all went down. Someone in the referee’s earpiece passed the message to get Undertaker to do the spinarooni. They were out there for 45 minutes entertaining the crowd as The Rock and Vince McMahon also came out for a spinarooni.

The goal was for the Undertaker-rooni. At some point, Undertaker looked at Booker and said, “Booker, I’m going to kill you.” Booker laughed about how Undertaker’s delivery of that line looked like a ventriloquist. Unfortunately, Undertaker never did the move.

How much money would you pay to see Undertaker do a spinarooni? Have you ever done a spinarooni?

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