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SmackDown’s numbers rise despite taped show

Good news for WWE and Fox on Nov. 8, as a pre-taped episode of SmackDown stayed steady, and actually did better than last week’s live show in most viewership and ratings metrics.

This would seem to be an indicator that wrestling is settling into its groove on Friday nights. And since that groove is one where Fox is handily winning the ratings with the coveted 18 - 34 year old demographic and among men under 50, the two partners are probably pleased.

Showbuzz Daily

There are still things to ponder. Is the Survivor Series crossover buzz temporarily inflating numbers? Was there something in the spoiler reports that actually made people more likely to tune than they would have been for a live show?

Here’s a chart of the show’s performance since the move to Fridays (all data via Showbuzz Daily) to consider while you mull those and other questions over:

For complete results and the live blog for SmackDown this week click here. To read a complete recap & review of all the night’s events click here. For a full playlist of the show click here.

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