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Bray Wyatt makes The Fiend’s motivation for attacking Daniel Bryan crystal clear

On SmackDown yesterday (Nov. 9), in his first act since winning the Universal title at Crown Jewel, The Fiend attacked Daniel Bryan backstage in Manchester.

Not that many of us needed it spelled out, but the champ’s alter ego Bray Wyatt would never leave you completely in the dark. Not if you let him in. So he jumped on Twitter to educate/remind us about the backstory.

Most of The Fiend’s attacks have been on Superstars Wyatt has history with from his previous backwoods cult leader “Eater of Worlds” incarnation. Bryan’s 2013 - 14 program with Bray is perhaps the best example of that yet, since DB briefly joined The Wyatt Family only to turn on them in one of the inciting moments in The YES! Movement build to WrestleMania 30.

It’s also a dish best served cold. The host of Firefly Fun House had the perfect picture ready to cast him as the wronged party in his & Bryan’s story, too...

You rejected the offer of help, man. What happens now is on you.

YES-ie Wowie. This feud should be great on every level.

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