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Cesaro & Luke Harper are the latest to tease a jump to NXT

Free Luke Harper. Unleash Cesaro. Saving both of these wrestlers from main roster purgatory is a cause worthy of some sort of online hashtag movement.

Maybe there is some glimmer of hope. Instead of doing not a whole lot on Raw and SmackDown, could Harper and Cesaro jump to NXT?

The theory started with a tweet Triple H sent about The OC’s appearance on NXT. To surprise of pretty much everyone, nobody responded to The Game’s challenge, expect Cesaro.

Not to give anyone advice on grabbing the brass ring, but if Triple H throws up the black and gold signal, maybe you should activate your Twitter fingers and hit send.

Furthering adding to speculation of The Swiss Superman making the move to NXT, is that Corey Graves asked him directly about it on his official WWE After The Bell podcast.

Cesaro gave pretty much a non-answer in the clip above and instead ranted about how pro wrestling shows should not start out with 15 minute in-ring promos. So Cesaro to NXT confirmed?

As for Luke Harper, Deputy Dango dropped some kind of clue on Twitter. Decipher it as you may, or pray WWE does something real with Harper on the main roster.

Besides Cesaro and Luke Harper, who else on the main roster stuck in lower card limbo would you like to see make the move to Wednesday nights?

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