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Nobody watched the premiere of WWE Backstage

Ok, not nobody... but A LOT less than watch the preview episodes. And we mean A LOT.

Booker T’s Twitter


The official premiere of WWE Backstage, the studio show Fox is producing for their cable sports channel FS1, did not finish in the top 150 shows on cable last night. That’s because, according to Showbuzz Daily, the show only earned a .02 rating with the 18 - 49 year old demographic (the shows at the bottom of the top 150 got a .04).

The Renee Young, Booker T, Paige & Christian-hosted show, which featured an intro from John Cena, interviews with Shawn Michaels & Rob Gronkowski, a segment with new Universal champ Bray Wyatt, and “breaking news” about Randy Orton’s contract & Alexa Bliss’ injury delivered by Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin, was only watched by 49,000 people.

Now, the 11 p.m. Eastern time slot is not ideal - especially with no strong and/or related programming leading into WWE Backstage. The two preview episodes had that (Oct. 15’s after a baseball playoff game and Oct. 25’s after SmackDown), and drew much better numbers (.2 & 597K and .14 & 426K, respectively). Nothing from FS1 finished in the top 150 last night and there wasn’t wrestling or sports of any kind on Fox, so Backstage was on its own.

We’ll find out how patient Fox will be, or if this is what Fox was expected (I can’t imagine it’s terribly expensive to produce), based on if or when we see changes to the show going forward.

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