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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Nov. 4, 2019): With us or against us

Seth Rollins hasn’t had the best year, which is crazy to say considering how it started.

Winning the Universal Championship by beating Brock Lesnar twice gave way to some underwhelming feuds for Raw’s top title. From there, Rollins has had some self-inflicted problems, but those problems never became more apparent than in his feud with the Fiend. Now, with his title gone and Lesnar back on Raw – everything essentially the exact same as it was to start the year, from Rollins’ perspective – Rollins finally did something that I empathize with a whole lot.

He did something selfish. After being a lightning rod of hate and taking grief from everywhere and everyone, wouldn’t you?

Rollins had a promo on the show where he basically said he was exhausted and everything’s futile and all that stuff. Bayley’s “life sucks and then you die” promo all over again. Except this time, Triple H appeared with his NXT guys in tow to offer Rollins a way out: rejoin NXT.

The Undisputed Era was run off by The O.C. for a second before Damien Priest and Dominik Dijakovic helped to tilt the scales, though the Raw locker room ran them off eventually.

Here’s where that selfish thing comes into play. Rollins confronted Triple H backstage and said if HHH wants him, he’s coming back as a top guy. And that meant that he wanted an NXT Championship match against Adam Cole to main event Raw.

Cole and Rollins had a good match that eventually ended in a disqualification when Cole’s buddies started beating up Rollins, and that’s where I’m confused and lost about this whole thing. Was that meant so be an order from Triple H to screw Rollins over or was that all on the Undisputed Era?

More importantly, Triple H is clearly, solidly in the corner of NXT – as he should be, to be fair. But with that said, it seems like a pretty significant conflict of interest that he could bring a bunch of NXT guys to beat up the Raw roster and also book matches for Raw. Also, NXT had like 8 guys; they should have been overwhelmed by sheer numbers from the Raw roster. Where were the rest of the guys to defend their brand?

In summation, I really didn’t enjoy the NXT invasion as much as I did on SmackDown. NXT was trying to establish itself on SmackDown. I have no on earth what they were doing on Raw other than apparently issuing an ultimatum that wasn’t even a choice. And honestly let’s go back to Rollins for a moment; he fought for the NXT Championship, right? If he’d won, he would have been fighting for NXT at Survivor Series. But he didn’t, so he’ll be fighting for Raw.

...Are the Raw guys really going to trust him for being that fickle?

(I will say that I love that Finn Balor’s absent from all this stuff, though. Keeping him detached from loyalties is really smart.)

Rey strikes again

Is it just me or is Brock Lesnar’s anger over Rey Mysterio really odd?

I get the fact that he’d want to fight Rey, but Lesnar’s always been a guy who cares about his money and his title...and that’s about it. Lesnar beat up Mysterio’s son and his friend; a few chair shots should be expected.

But no, instead of just flying back to the wilderness to hunt bears with his bare hands or whatever the hell Lesnar does in his spare time, he’s quitting SmackDown and joining Raw with no issues whatsoever are you serious.

You know what else is odd? Lesnar’s manner of trying to find Mysterio. Beating up folks backstage, threating to kill Jerry Lawler and F5’ing Dio Maddin through the commentary table seems like an easy way to set yourself up for a steel pipe to the back of the knee.

Y’know. Because that happened.

I’ve liked Mysterio in this program so far. He’s fighting Lesnar in an intelligent way and has revenge on his mind. I just have serious questions about what the hell Brock Lesnar is doing.

Shayna Baszler meets Becky Lynch

Alright, this was pretty great.

Charly Caruso had Lynch backstage for a sit-down interview and it was presented in their usual way of doing things. Caruso thanked Lynch off the bat and Lynch just stared at her – but things got interesting when Baszler asked for Caruso’s chair.

Baszler was awesome and laid out some compelling reasons to explain why she’s really going to be focused on Lynch in their triple threat at Survivor Series. Lynch beat her friend Ronda Rousey, and is generally considered a badass and a success story for NXT, right? Well, Baszler thinks she’s a bigger badass and an even bigger success story.

Game on, let’s fight.

Lynch seemed equal parts amused and impressed that someone would approach her so boldly, but she was also extremely confident that she’d be able to shatter Shayna’s attitude once they fought.

With that said, Bayley’s going to have to step up in a big way moving forward. These two basically just said “no disrespect to the SmackDown champ but who cares about the SmackDown champ.” Make us care, Bayley.

The Rest

Rusev def. Drew McIntyre or it ended in a no contest – He wanted to fight Bobby Lashley but Lashley was out on crutches because he “tore his groin” doing sex stuff. Ha.

The match was fine for what it was, but we got no real ending. Lashley interfered and Ricochet eventually made the save. Looks like we’re adding Ricochet and Drew McIntyre to this...whatever you call this.

Charlotte and Natalya def. The Kabuki Warriors - The Kabuki Warriors looked so awesome on NXT last week, but we’re crashing back to reality here. I hate when teams like this come together all of a sudden to win a match that earns them a future title match. It’s just done way too often. This match was pretty sloppy at times as well.

The O.C. def. Street Profits and Humberto Carrillo – I’ve been enjoying this miniature Humberto Carrillo/AJ Styles feud. Styles’ arrogance is fantastic, as is the way Carrillo gets under his skin. Styles put his feet on the middle rope to get the win here, which also sort of shows how “gotten to” he is at the moment, doesn’t it?

Buddy Murphy def. Cedric Alexander – This match just didn’t stand out much to me, which is wild when you consider the participants. It was early in the show and didn’t have much story to it other than “they have history!” which might be why.

Zelina Vega and Andrade def. Catalina and Sin Cara – Firstly, can someone please tell me if it’s Catalina or Carolina? It’s said one way on the show and written the other. I don’t even have the patience to be annoyed by it.

It’s like Sin Cara’s so certain he can beat Andrade as long as the stars align, but he loses every week. And it’s all because Zelina is awesome and knows how to help Andrade win.

The Viking Raiders def. The East Hampton Polo Boys – On the right night, those Polo Boys would have gotten over huge. Not on this show, unfortunately. Really dug their act, though.

The Raiders had an in-ring promo to say they’ve got their eyes on The O.C.

This show had some moments, but it was largely lifeless. It just didn’t feel important, which is extremely odd considering there’s, y’know, an invasion happening and stuff.

Too many plot holes and storyline weirdness.

Grade: D+

By the way, we’re all rooting for NXT at Survivor Series, right?

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