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Triple H makes an offer to Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins kind of lost his smile tonight.

On Monday night, the Beast Slayer made his first appearance since losing to The Fiend at Crown Jewel. Rollins was visibly distraught and just walking through the haze for most of his promo.

The former Universal Champion says he knew some fans wanted him to lose to The Fiend and he didn’t give a damn. Rollins also admitted he didn’t know if he had it in him to chase The Fiend down yet again.

Before he could question his self worth any further, Triple H’s music hit and he came with an offer for Rollins. The Godfather of NXT told a tale of Rollins’ career including winning the NXT title, forming The Shield, and becoming WWE Champion all under Triple H’s watch.

So was Seth Rollins with or against Triple H?

Before Rollins could buy what The Game was selling, both The Undisputed Era and The OC came out to brawl. Other members of the NXT and Raw roster also joined in on the fun while Rollins just stood in the ring.

Backstage, Rollins ran down The Game and demanded a NXT title match with Adam Cole tonight on Raw. Triple H accepted the challenge and booked the title match.

Is Rollins getting moved over to NXT, or just further cementing his status as a WWE team player?

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