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Possible spoilers for Raw that probably won’t surprise you that much

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We’re about four hours from showtime, and outside of a tweet from Seth Rollins and an an advertisement from the venue (Long Island’s NYCB Live) promoting an appearance by Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman, we still don’t have any official word from WWE about what will happen on the Nov. 4 Raw.

Is that because they’re in damage control mode about the Saudi story, or because they really want to surprise us?

To whatever extent it’s the latter, PWInsider has word on what some of the surprises might be. And if you watched last Friday’s SmackDown, they probably won’t be that surprising. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t cool.

Mike Johnson reports that Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Matt Riddle, and Damian Priest are “in New York City for tonight’s Monday Night Raw.” This will continue the build to Survivor Series on Nov. 24, presumably by having those four gentlemen either speak on their actions of last week and/or having them attack & wrestle some Raw Superstars.

Should be fun!

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering if Team Red or Team Blue could invade Full Sail on Wednesday night, the answer is... maybe? SmackDown has a house show Thursday in England, so they’re probably not available. But the Raw crew isn’t advertised until the dual brand taping in Manchester on Friday, so...

Join us tonight in the live blog for whatever the next steps in the battle for brand supremacy are.

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