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Bray Wyatt’s custom WWE Universal title can be yours for just (checks notes) $6500

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Look, I like Bray Wyatt and I LOVE the Firefly Fun House / Fiend gimmick. I have a huge amount of respect for the work designers Kyle A. Scarborough and Jason Baker have done for Wyatt’s act. Even if I wasn’t, I’m a horror movie buff from Pittsburgh, which makes it impossible for me to not support anything done by Baker’s boss Tom Savini - the late, great George Romero’s partner-in-gore.

So I dig the Necronomicon-looking custom WWE Universal title Wyatt introduced on SmackDown last night (Nov. 29), and I would love to own an authentic, signed Savini Studios collectible.

But $6,499!?!?!?

WWE Shop

Yeah, no. That’s gonna be a no for me. Even if it was part of WWE’s Black Friday sale (it’s not).

Anybody else got six-and-a-half grand they’re gonna send to Stamford for this bad boy?

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