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WWE helps us out with some holiday weekend clickbait

Few things will get internet users to check out a post or video like the words “wardrobe malfunction”. Pretty sure a story about Brooke Hogan’s top slipping down during her TNA wedding to Bully Ray is still one of the most trafficked posts in the history of this here website.

Proving the folks who run get desperate for content during these slow holiday times just like the rest of us clickmongers, they’ve dropped a post-Thanksgiving edition of their “List This” series on us that’s dedicated to wardrobe malfunctions. And lest you think Cageside Seats growth as a site since 2013 somehow makes us above these kinds of posts... here it is:

5. Eva Marie’s top on SmackDown (Aug. 9, 2016)

4. AJ Styles’s tights at TLC 2016

3. Alexa Bliss’ shoes on Raw (April 29, 2019)

2. Shawn Michaels’ jacket on Raw (May 9, 2005)

1. Rick Rude pantsed by Jake The Snake (1988)

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