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Batista & Dana Brooke flirting online is WWE’s best story right now

Give pro wrestling fans what they want.

This Holiday season all the pro wrestling world collectively wants is more of Batista and Dana Brooke openly flirting with one another. For the past 72 hours or so, Batista and Brooke have wooed each other on Twitter with the grace of a couple of teenagers.

What happens when two famous, highly attractive individuals flirt with each other on Everyone from pro wrestling fans, wrestlers, and announcers openly watch and creep on their every single move.


Have it.

Any other.


A story of online love told in several parts:

Notice the emoji, GIF, and casual black and white photo usage. Top level stuff here.

Subtly is key to online dating in 2019.

We’ve moved to the DMs!!!

It truly is a wonderful world, when you can flirt via using GIFs of yourself. What a time to be alive.

Five, no a six star angle going on right here between Batista and Brooke.

Also, Renee Young is the voice of the people.

Paige sums up all of our feelings in GIF form.

Stay tuned, right here on for any and all updates pertaining to the online romance between Batista and Dana Brooke.

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