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Becky Lynch has had a weird week

On Sunday night (Nov. 24), Becky Lynch lost in the main event of Survivor Series. She wasn’t the one submitting to Shayna Baszler at Allstate Arena - that was Bayley - but the referee didn’t raise her arm, so that was a loss.

In tried and true WWE fashion, however, she did get her heat back by kicking Baszler’s ass, grabbing her Raw Women’s title (which we’ll talk about again in a moment) and declaring...

Which is noteworthy as last night on Raw, Lynch did not appear. I didn’t go back and do the research, so I can’t tell you exactly when the last Monday night without The Man was, but I feel safe saying it’s been a pretty rare occurrence over the past year or so (even though she was technically on SmackDown, Bex started showing up on Raw around Survivor Series 2018).

Theories about why that was the case focus on a couple things. One, the rumor Vince McMahon didn’t like Sunday night’s main event and perhaps wanted us to forget about it. And/or two, WWE didn’t want Lynch’s presence to take the spotlight off her fiance’s heel turn. That second idea makes sense if you consider that Seth Rollins could have considered Becky as part of the problem he was chastising the roster for, since even though Raw was mathematically incapable of winning the night by the time her match started, Lynch still didn’t win.

Whatever the reason, 24 hours after declaring WWE her “f***ing show”, Becky wasn’t on television. While she wasn’t on TV, she was tying the record for longest reigning Raw Women’s champion. An hour after Raw ended, she officially passed Ronda Rousey to become the longest reigning Raw Women’s champ in the title’s history. That’s also longer than anyone’s held the SmackDown Women’s strap, so The Man’s held a women’s belt for longer than anyone in the post-Divas era (if WWE is considering NXT an equal brand, this gets messy since Asuka and Baszler have held that show’s title for longer).

So, there it is. Loses, stands tall, isn’t booked for TV, breaks record.

Weird week.

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