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Of course Bray Wyatt had the best reaction to Seth Rollins’ heel turn

One of the many great things about the reinvention of Bray Wyatt we got this year (and which, once again for the folks in the back, I was very wrong about) is how its tendrils weave through so many other things in the WWE Universe.

Did you ever team with or wrestle against Bray in his previous Eater of Worlds, backwoods cult leader incarnation? You’ve got a built in story with the Firefly Fun House host and his Fiend-ish alter ego.

In the case of Seth Rollins, he’s had run-ins with Wyatt in all his forms. So when the Beastslayer either embraced his real-world insufferableness or revealed the final twist in a month’s long work by turning heel on Raw last night (Mon., Nov. 25), it was only natural Bray would have a very good reaction:

A creepy-yet-motivational message that calls on years of shared history.


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