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AOP teases aligning themselves with Seth Rollins?

Did Monday Night Rollins just turn into Monday Night Heel?

Seth Rollins was not happy after Survivor Series. After the red brand came in last place on Sunday night, Rollins was in an extra whiny mood on Monday. The result was Rollins lashing out at the entire Raw roster in what quickly became one of the brand’s best opening segments in months.

Raw’s kickoff segment ended with Kevin Owens hitting a Stunner on Rollins. The two polarizing figures would then get booked into the main event slot for the night.

The match itself was pretty good and planted the seeds for a future feud between KO and the Beast Slayer.

Two of the people Rollins dressed down to start Raw showed up three hours later looking to make a statement. AOP crashed the main event and stood between a visibly tired Rollins and Owens. Before AOP could make a move, Owens slapped at both men and then was quickly overwhelmed by them.

Rollins would rise from his corner and before he could engage, the former NXT tag team champions just left the ring. Why didn’t AOP attack Rollins?

Seth Rollins closed the night by hitting multiple Curb Stomps on the already beaten down Kevin Owens.

So Seth Rollins heel turn confirmed?

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