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Rusev disobeys restraining order to beat up Bobby Lashley, gets arrested

Best. Rusev Day. In a while?

Hey, maybe this entire Rusev-Lana-Bobby Lashley angle was all worth it? Not even close, but this week on Raw, WWE began to dig themselves out of the hole they put themselves in.

Last week, Lana hit her soon to be ex-husband with a restraining order. If a fake pregnancy and divorce papers weren’t enough to push him over the edge, Rusev not being allowed to enter the arena on Monday sure did it.

During a match between Lashley and Titus O’Neil, a wild Rusev made his move.

Ah, the key was digging up the entire time. That and letting Rusev act like a madman has put the Bulgarian Brute’s babyface run back on the fast track.

Maybe there is still hope that the Rusev vs. Lana and Bobby Lashley feud wraps up by TLC next month? Please.

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