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Kabuki Warriors finally got new music, and Kairi Sane doesn’t know what took so long

WWE has been known to take two singles wrestlers who aren’t doing much and make them a tag team. Sometime it works out great (The Bar), sometimes it doesn’t (too numerous to mention).

When they put two singles wrestlers who aren’t doing much together in a tag team, they’ll often just mash their themes up for their entrance music. This never works. But it keeps happening. At least until the company decides to keep the pair together for the long haul, and invests in a new song.

Ever since Asuka & Kairi Sane were linked up as Kabuki Warriors, they’ve had a really bad mash-up theme. Over the weekend, the Women’s Tag champs finally got a new tune! And the instrumental entrance theme that debuted in Grand Rapids on Saturday night (Nov. 23) is pretty good, too! Not that it could be much worse. But I digress...

Sane even commented on it. It’s not clear if the Pirate Princess loves the new one or just hated the old one, but it’s safe to say she thinks it took too long, either way:

Thoughts on the track? As exasperated as Kairi by how long it took?

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