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WWE Survivor Series 2019 results: Reigns survives to get SmackDown back in the race

After the women’s elimination tag opened the PPV portion of Survivor Series to... let’s just call them mixed reviews, the NXT, Raw, and SmackDown men hit the ring as the second from the last match at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois on Sun., Nov. 24.

There was a lot of beef on the apron, and it didn’t take long for a meaty in-ring showdown as WALTER, Braun Strowman, and Drew McIntyre faced off early in the match. The NXT UK champ was impressive, putting down Braun with a dropkick...

...but then being the first person eliminated after a Claymore.

The Chicagoland crowd did not like that booking decision, but a quick Shorty G/Ricochet exchange sucked them back in.

They were definitely ready for the amateur all-stars pairing of Gable and Matt Riddle that happened seconds later. After that we got some infighting between SmackDown’s Roman Reigns & King Corbin, and some intrigue about whose side Kevin Owens was on. KO opted not to attack Tommaso Ciampa, but NXT’s captain didn’t return the favor and eliminated his teammate from last night with a Willow’s Bell.

Randy Orton snuck up behind the Blackheart, but even when he hit an RKO, Ciampa rolled to safety. The iconic finisher did take out Damian Priest, but Riddle snuck up behind The Viper and eliminated him. Orton returned the favor with an RKO, and rolled him to Corbin for the pin.

We got a rehash of the opening beef-fest, but with Keith Lee in place of WALTER. Strowman opted to run around the ring and shoulder blast people instead, so Lee crossbodied him on the floor. The Monster Among Men was a countout elimination.

A showcase run for Ricochet ended with an End of Days, and each team had two men left for Raw & NXT (Seth Rollins & McIntyre, and Ciampa & Lee). SmackDown was quickly down for two after Corbin chastised Mustafa Ali, and led him right into a Rollins stomp.

The Big Dog hit McIntyre with a spear shortly after Drew hit Ciampa an Alabama Slam. The next man eliminated by the move was Roman’s teammate Corbin.

That left Reigns and Rollins as the only men left from their teams. The Shield brothers then teamed up to go after NXT’s two remaining men, and set- up for an announce table powerbomb on Ciampa. But The Limitless One saved his captain by pouncing the whole set-up.

A singles match between the Blackheart and the Beastslayer followed, and it looked like Ciampa would get the win on a couple occasions. But a Superman Punch saved Seth, and a Stomp eliminated Tommaso.

Lee fought alone against the Brothers, and sent Romey to the outside with a crossbody on both me. Much to the crowd’s delight, he eliminated Seth with a jackhammer and took two Superman Punches that seemed to end things, but referee John Cone announced Lee had kicked out at two.

Roman returned the favor after Keith dodged a Spear and turned it into a Spirit Bomb, but after a kickout, Lee missed a moonsault. That set-up a final Spear and a conclusive three count.

After a respectful fist bump...

... the scoreboard read:

SmackDown - 2
NXT - 3
Raw - 1

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