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WWE Survivor Series 2019 results: Lio Rush picks up NXT’s first win

Here I thought the Cruiserweight championship was an NXT thing now, with 205 Live being “under Triple H’s umbrella”. But they did draft some purple show regulars like Akira Tozawa to Raw and Kalisto to SmackDown. And titleholder Lio Rush was riding on the hood of the D-X jeep last Friday, so...

Sure, why not make the obligatory Kickoff cruisers match part of the Battle for Brand Supremacy™?

Adding it to the Survivor Series scoreboard didn’t make Rush vs. Tozawa vs. Kalisto much different from other Kickoff cruisers matches. The crowd in Rosemont, Illinois was pretty quiet, but the talented men in the ring woke them up a bit with non-stop action and big spots:

Things also followed standard Triple Threat format, with each guy getting some time in control, some time underneath, and some time outside selling/resting. The end came when Lio returned from a rest period to hit his Final Hour frog splash on Kalisto and pin him to pick up NXT’s first ever Survivor Series win.

SmackDown - 1
NXT - 1
Raw - 0

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