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WWE Survivor Series 2019 results: NXT plays dirty in the women’s elimination tag to take the lead

Just like they did last night at TakeOver, the women kicked off the main card in Rosemont, Illinois’ Allstate Arena. In fact, four of the wrestlers in Survivor Series’ elimination tag opener on Nov. 24 were also in the WarGames that kicked things off on Nov. 23.

Rhea Ripley’s Team NXT entered last - they needed all the rest they could get. SmackDown’s group, led by Sasha Banks, was out first, followed by Charlotte Flair and her Raw teammates.

Toni Storm, the one person in the black-and-gold corner who didn’t work Saturday night, started off with Lacey Evans & Sarah Logan. She also got one of the matches big spots, throwing Logan & SmackDown’s Nikki Cross in a double German suplex.

One of the most intriguing storyline elements came up a few seconds later, when Raw’s Kairi Sane & NXT’s Io Shirai - former teammates from Japan - squared off:

After that, we ran through a litany of wrestlers hitting moves, then taking moves, but the flow was broken when Team NXT and some officials stopped action to check on Shirai and Candice LeRae. Whatever caused their “injuries” was never shown, but they were helped to the back and essentially eliminated.

After a tease of a showdown between captains, Cross was the first elimination when NXT’s Bianca Belair rolled her up. The EST also took out Sarah Logan after her 450...

... then she squared up with The Queen! Belair even got a nearfall on Charlotte before Carmella entered the mix and almost eliminated both when she rana-ed Flair off the top onto Bianca. But it would be a Natural Selection from The Nature Girl to get the next pin, eliminating Mella.

The Boss made it 3 people a piece when she pinned Sane after a meteora. But Raw got the advantage back when Asuka ran wild to avenge her partner, eventually pinning Team Blue’s Dana Brooke. Inter-team issues flaired up shortly after however, as bickering between Charlotte & The Empress ended with green mist.

SmackDown’s Lacey Evans pinned Flair as Asuka left, leaving Natalya as the red brand’s sole surviving member. She pinned Evans to leave the “main” shows down to one member a piece.

NXT had three, but some teamwork from Nattie & Sasha got Storm to tapout, then allowed them to pin The EST. We were down to a Triple Threat with two captains and veteran. Natalya made the mistake of turning her back on The Boss, and she was gone. The Chicagoland crowd was excited to see Ripley and Banks go at it.

It was all the four time Women’s champ, and Sasha thought she had the win after wearing the Aussie down with submissions and then hit her meteora. But Rhea kicked out, and looked to have won it herself after she countered another meteora with a big boot. They traded submissions, and LeRae & Shirai returned from the back to save their captain.

Banks took them out, but their distractions ended up making the difference. The Boss had Ripley on the ropes, but interference from Io - including a dropkick - led to Rhea being able to hit Riptide, and give NXT an early lead.

SmackDown - 1
NXT - 2
Raw - 1

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