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WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019 results - Mystery partner, insane spot give Team Ciampa a win

The main event of TakeOver: WarGames started without any indication of who would round out Tommaso Ciampa’s team... or even if a fourth man would join him, Keith Lee, and Dominik Dijakovice in their battle with Undisputed ERA.

It didn’t seem to concern Ciampa himself, who entered in a sick Casey Jones-looking mask with camouflage war paint and marched straight to the cage.

The Psycho Killer called for the NXT champion to join him, but North American champ Roderick Strong volunteered to start for for his leader and Adam Cole accepted the offer.

The Blackheart also made an offer, letting Strong use his signature crutch as a weapon, but Roddy threw it out of the cage, preferring to wrestle Ciampa straight up. That’s what they did, until five(ish) minutes passed and Kyle O’Reilly gave the ERA their first advantage.

That advantage was extremely beneficial, as KOR & Strong worked over the former NXT champ for the next interval before Dijakovic sprinted in and overpowered the heels. That gave Ciampa a chance to recover. He wasn’t in great shape for long though, as when Bobby Fish entered third, he went straight for Ciampa with strikes. The he and O’Reilly hit Total Elimination on DD and Chasing The Dragon on the Blackheart.

It was a great set-up for the entrance of a man the Chicagoland fans really wanted to see, Keith Lee. And once he was in the match, everyone got to Bask... in his Glory...

The numbers caught up to the good guys, though, especially when Adam Cole decided to set up a whole mess of tables on his way to the ring. Of course, the first guy to go through one was Cole.

The big story beat was, again, whether there would be a fourth member, and who it would be if there was. After a suspenseful pause, there was. And it was the man a lot of people were hoping it would be. One of those men was not Cole, however.

The champ tried to convince his old friend from the indies to join TUE, but Kevin Owens answered with a D-X crotch chop.

KO got a quick nearfall on the Panama City Playboy with a Stunner, but that was broken up. With the match officially started as four-on-four, the action was back-and-forth and hot-and-heavy. That wiped the other six men out long enough for Cole & Owens to have another epic showdown on the exposed metal between the rings.

They next clear out happened when Team Ciampa one-by-one put all the NA & NXT Tag champs through tables. And that left Cole and Ciampa on the top of the cage. And that led to this:

The “please don’t die” chant has never seemed more fitting. And Cole wrestles again tomorrow.

For a complete rundown of everything that happened in Allstate Arena tonight, head to our live blog here.

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