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Oney Lorcan didn’t appreciate Triple H’s take on wrestlers publicly asking for their release

Biff Busick’s Twitter

During his conference call with the media on Wednesday (Nov. 20), Triple H responded to a question about WWE’s strategy for handling talent who publicly request to be released from their contract.

The company’s Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative made a reasonable point about conducting business person-to-person rather than via the internet. But he spent more time talking about wrestlers “working” fans via social media than on whether some of the requests had been made behind closed doors before they hit Twitter, or any time on how the company would respond to requests made in any forum.

Then he got in some sideways shots about maturity and professionalism.

It was those last bits which seemed to get under the skin of Oney Lorcan, who reportedly asked to be let out of his WWE contract in a manner Trips said he preferred. He’s since gone back to the name Biff Busick - the moniker he used on the independent circuit - on social media, and even to promote an upcoming appearance with WWE-allied Progress.

The Game was asked for comment rather than just putting his answer online, but Biff’s not completely wrong about the hypocrisy.

Another interesting element of the tweet is that it comes after ACH secured his release following weeks of publicly and loudly criticizing WWE. Perhaps that will open the door for more talent trying something other than politely asking for their professional freedom?

Stay tuned, and THROW EM UP.

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