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WWE SmackDown results, live blog (Nov. 22, 2019): Survivor Series go home

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 22, 2019) from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, featuring the final build to Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) in this same building.

Advertised for tonight: Bray Wyatt summons Daniel Bryan on Miz TV, Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali & Shorty G battle King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Cain here filling in for the evening.

SmackDown kicks off with a bunch of the roster in blue shirts backstage being addressed by King Corbin, because of course Corbin is in the opening segment again.

Roman Reigns cuts him off for a pep talk, getting his troops ready for an invasion. The strategy is the door will be open and they will let them all in, and then whoop everyone’s ass. Corbin and Reigns argue over the wisdom of this strategy.

Sasha Banks doesn’t have time for this nonsense and it looks like she is marching her team to the ring.

Michael Cole informs us that it’s boss time.

Sasha’s team (including Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross, Dana Brooke, and Carmella) enters the ring.

Banks has the mic and declares “This is our ring, and this is our show!”

She talks smack at both Team NXT and Team Raw before challenging Team Raw to come on out for a fight.

Here comes The Queen making her normal entrance, along with the rest of Team Raw (Natalya, Sarah Logan, Asuka, Kairi Sane).

Team Raw stands on the apron, and Flair challenges Banks to a one-on-one match.

What do you know, here comes the NXT women through the crowd! This includes Rhea Ripley, Tegan Nox, Mia Yim, Toni Storm, and Candice LeRae.

Rhea Ripley has the mic and challenges both Sasha and Charlotte to a captain’s triple threat match.

An all-out brawl breaks out between all 15 women as we go to commercial break.

We’re back and the triple threat match is about to begin.

Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks vs. Rhea Ripley

Flair and Ripley take Banks out of the mix right from the start.

Charlotte takes control of Rhea with a headlock, then a boot to the face. Ripley avoids a scoop slam attempt and powers Flair into the corner. Both superstars exchange boots, with Charlotte getting the better of it.

Flair with some power shoulders in the corner. Banks is suddenly back and nails Ripley with a backstabber for a two count. Ripley clotheslines Banks to the mat multiple times and then drives Banks out of the ring with a standing dropkick.

Ripley chases Sasha to the outside, but Sasha gets the upper hand. Charlotte drives Sasha into her teammate, Nikki Cross. Cross and Sasha have some heated words and have to be kept apart by their SmackDown teammates. Ripley gets back into the mix, until Flair wipes out both Ripley and Banks with a moonsault onto the outside! We go to break.

Back from commercial, and all three competitors are back in the ring.

Sasha is dropped head first into the top turnbuckle by Ripley. Rhea sits Sasha up on the top turnbuckle and climbs up after her. Banks punches her down and then strikes with a meteora. Flair quickly gets in there with Natural Selection, and it looks like Charlotte is bleeding from her mouth.

Ripley stuns Charlotte with a kick to the face. Flair avoids a drop kick and hits Ripley with Natural Selection. Flair now gets Sasha Banks into the Figure Four submission, but Ripley sneaks in to pin Charlotte down for the three count.

Rhea Ripley defeats Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks

Team NXT bails, leaving the ring to a chaotic brawl between Team Raw and Team SmackDown. SmackDown holds the ring temporarily, but Raw gets right back in there for another attempt. Team NXT watches on in glee from the stage, watching Team Raw and Team SmackDown tear each other apart. The referees finally get control of the situation.

Corbin is talking backstage with Roode and Ziggler. They have a 6-man tag match later tonight against Reigns, Shorty G, and Ali. The heels discuss how they plan to leave Roman Reigns for a beating once Team Raw shows up. Sami Zayn appears, Corbin calls him annoying, and Zayn gets in his face about it. He seems to challenge Corbin to confront him in the ring right now, but Corbin doesn’t appear interested.

Zayn’s music hits, and here he comes making his way to the ring with Intercontinental champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. They have a bag with them. What’s in the bag? Maybe we’ll find out after the commercial break.

We’re back from break for a backstage interview with Bayley about her match at Survivor Series. Bayley brags about being the only woman to hold the women’s championship on all three brands. Bayley says Lynch is too smart to show up tonight, but Baszler is too impulsive to resist. She is sick of Baszler always attacking her from behind. Bayley dares Baszler to come at her head on later tonight.

Back to the ring, Nakamura stands in the center while Zayn talks about how King Corbin is afraid of both him and Nakamura. Zayn goes on about how studly he is, and that Nakamura is an even bigger stud.

Nakamura is so studly, in fact, that Zayn got him something. It’s in the bag. Zayn reaches into the bag and unveils a newly designed Intercontinental championship! Zayn swaps titles with Nakamura, and Shinsuke poses with the new masterpiece of a belt befitting a true artist.

It’s time to talk about how Nakamura will win for SmackDown at Survivor Series. Zayn and Nakamura claim to have no idea what the name is of their NXT opponent on Sunday. Of course that brings out all four members of The Undisupted Era, who make their way down the ramp and enter the ring.

Nakamura and Zayn briefly stare at them before bailing from the ring.

Adam Cole is on the mic, stating that they will wipe the floor with Raw and SmackDown at the PPV. New Day’s music hits, and here comes Big E and Kofi Kingston.

Kingston says it’s time for a little payback from last week with a match right now. Roderick Strong gladly accepts the 2 on 4 challenge, but New Day says they have some partners to even the odds.

It’s Heavy Machinery!

We’ll have an 8-man tag after the break

New Day & Heavy Machinery vs. The Undisputed Era

Big E starts off with Roderick Strong. Undisputed Era exchange some quick tags while keeping Big E in their corner. Big E powers out of it to take down Bobby Fish. Kofi helps out and they take out Kyle O’Reilly too. Adam Cole tags in to face off with Kofi.

Kofi superkicks Cole but didn’t notice a tag to Strong, who attacks Kingston from behind. Strong and O’Reilly now double team Kofi in the corner.

Bobby Fish is in there beating Kofi down. Another quick tag to Cole, and they keep Kofi in the corner once again. Cole holds Kofi’s leg down for Strong to get in there and stomp away.

Strong with a crazy looking submission that I don’t know the name of, working the spine over. Kofi is dragged back to the corner as O’Reilly now gets in there to take charge.

Kofi is beaten up some more and held down for more stomps from Strong. Zayn and Nakamura are watching on from the ramp.

Kofi fights off a superplex attempt from Strong, but is then dropkicked off the buckle and to the outside, crashing onto Tucker, who was busy arguing with O’Reilly. This creates some tension between New Day and Heavy Machinery. Big E and Otis get in each other’s face on the outside as we go to break.

Fish has control of Kofi in the ring when we return from break. Kofi gets close to a tag but Fish punches Big E off the apron. Fish is taken out with a missile dropkick, and Kofi finally makes the hot tag to Otis.

Otis does Otis things as the crowd gets going big time. He shakes off some strikes from O’Reilly and returns fire with a headbutt and overhead throw. The shirtless wonder is getting amped up for the caterpillar. He’s about to deliver, but Fish drags his partner out of the ring.

Tucker is tagged in, and he’ll surely eat the pin soon.

Roderick Strong is in there with him, and Tucker takes him out with a suplex. He follows up with a splash in the corner and a sideslam. Strong breaks out after a two count.

Tucker wastes some time appealing to the audience. He climbs up to the top rope. Moonsault onto Strong! Cole breaks up the pin attempt, but he then gets belly-to-bellied by Big E. Big E and Kofi are clearing house, but Undisputed Era quickly regroups. They divide and conquer, wiping out both members of New Day on the outside.

Otis is back inside the ring, slamming O’Reilly down. There’s the caterpillar! Fish distracts the ref. Cole with a superkick, and Strong puts Tucker away for the three count.

Undisputed Era defeats New Day & Heavy Machinery

They all pose with their titles as commentary hypes up WarGames and Survivor Series.

Strong and Nakamura confront each other on the ramp. Here comes AJ Styles in a red shirt flying in out of nowhere! The three foes briefly exchange blows before Zayn gets in there and takes out Styles, with some chair strikes on Strong. Undisputed Era runs Zayn off.

Cole runs down the card for Survivor Series and says NXT team will indeed have a men’s team at Survivor Series but they aren’t revealing yet who those men will be. Yeah, ok pal.

We go to break.

AJ Styles and The OC are on the side off the stage in their red shirts with a mic, talking about how much Chicago sucks. They aren’t going anywhere. CM Punk chants break out. Styles says he would mop the floor with him. Styles continues to rip into both of his opponents at Survivor Series.

Here comes Daniel Bryan, who makes his way to the ring. Bryan throws us to a recap video of MizTv from last week.

Bryan isn’t here to chant “Yes” or lecture everyone about climate change; he is here to summon Bray Wyatt. Bryan asks Wyatt to come out for a quick fun chat about the past. Or they can fight, whichever Wyatt prefers.

The lights go out.

The lights return and...nothing has changed. Bryan isn’t fazed by the mind games. He challenges Wyatt to come out and fight.

Here comes The Miz. Bryan says if there’s one thing worse than The Fiend, it’s The Miz. He asks what the hell Miz is doing here.

Miz says Bryan isn’t a professional, and tensions rise as both men talk about how they don’t respect each other. Miz says he can’t wait for The Fiend to rip Bryan apart at Survivor Series. Miz slaps Bryan in the face.

We go to break while Bryan considers how to respond to the slap.

We’re back and in the middle of an impromptu match.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

Bryan catches Miz in the face with a running knee from the apron onto the outside. Back in the ring, Miz takes charge with a kick to the mid-section. The commentators talk about how Bryan isn’t at 100% mentally. How judgmental of them.

Miz with a couple running boots to Bryan’s head, but he can’t keep Bryan down for a three count. Bryan now gets Miz in the corner for some chops and kicks. Bryan and Miz exchange some running strikes in the corners, and then Bryan catches Miz by the arm, looking for the Lebell Lock.

Miz takes control and is going for a superplex. Bryan fights out of it and hits Miz with a missile dropkick. Bryan lines Miz up for the Yes Kicks. He completes the flurry with the head kick. Bryan is in the corner across from Miz. Bryan looks at the audience and teases the start of a Yes chant. He motions for it once! Before the crowd and Bryan can really get it going, the lights go out.

The red lighting takes over and The Fiend is in the ring. Miz has jobbed to the angle.

The Fiend grabs Bryan in the mandible claw and laughs like a maniac while Bryan succumbs to the maneuver.

The match is over with no winner announced, I guess?

We go to break.

Back from commercial, Shayna Baszler makes her way to the ring and grabs a mic. She calls out Bayley to the ring.

Bayley strikes from behind! They brawl down to the mat, with Bayley trying to retreat after Baszler takes charge. Bayley is locked in Baszler’s finisher on the outside and is trying to fight out of it. She rams Baszler into the ringpost to set herself free, and then runs off to the top of the ramp. They briefly stare each other down, and then Bayley leaves.

That was a quick piece of business right there.

We get a video recap of last week’s tag match featuring Ziggler & Roode versus Shorty G & Ali.

Here comes Ali to begin the entrances for the main event 6-man tag team match.

Ali, Shorty G, & Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, & Robert Roode

Ziggler is wearing the goofy blue shirt, but thankfully the other five men know better than to follow suit.

Reigns takes out all three men, including the apron dropkick onto Corbin.

The heels take over, but Shorty G eventually tags in and cleans house. Ziggler distracts the ref, allowing Roode and Corbin to launch Shorty G from the apron onto the announce table with a loud thud. Ali and Reigns check on their partner as we go to break.

Ziggler hits Reigns with a DDT in the ring when we return from break. Dolph tunes up the band for Shawn Michaels’ super kick, but Reigns stuffs that plan.

Ali tags in and the pace picks up. He flies around everywhere with suicide dives and whatnot, launching himself around all sides of the ring and onto his opponents.

Shorty G is back to his feet but falls victim to a Roode spinebuster on the outside. Ziggler and Reigns exchange blows on the outside, leaving Corbin alone in the ring with Ali.

Corbin puts Ali away with the Deep Six. It’s like WWE often books the hometown stars to lose.

Baron Corbin, Robert Roode, & Dolph Ziggler defeat Ali, Shorty G, & Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins’ music hits, and Raw’s roster comes out through the crowd, with Roman Reigns all alone in the ring. The crowd loudly chants for CM Punk.

The former Shield brothers start punching each other in the face! Where is the SmackDown roster?

Braun Strowman finally comes out wearing a blue shirt, bringing out a bunch of other blue shirt roster members with him. A giant brawl breaks out in the ring while the crowd chants for NXT.

Now the NXT roster is on their way into the venue with the DX Tank! Ok, then.

HBK, Road Dogg, and Triple H lead the NXT roster to the ring.

There are a ridiculous number of dudes brawling everywhere, mostly outside the ring.

Keith Lee and Braun Strowman stare each other down, while some jobbers bounce off of them. They finally brawl with each other, with other dudes spilling back into the ring, as the show goes off the air.

That’s all, folks. Thanks for hanging out tonight during SmackDown!

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