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Zelina Vega drags Lana for forgetting her lines, Bobby Lashley story

You come at the queen, you best not miss.

Unfortunately for Lana, she has missed a lot of her shots lately. For each of the past two weeks WWE has tasked Lana with going out to the ring with a live microphone.

The results?

A fake Machka Baby pregnancy and the Ravishing Russian bumbling over her lines about restraining orders and divorce papers.

It can’t all be bad for Lana, right? Let’s see how she’s doing on Twitter where she just took an unprovoked jab at Zelina Vega.

It’s a bold strategy, let’s see if it pays off for Lana.

Looks like we’re done here, but wait there’s more.


That is a wrap.

Don’t cross Zelina Vega. Ever.

With Survivor Series already a full card, will WWE trot out Lana, Rusev, and Bobby Lashley for anything on Sunday night?

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