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Alicia Fox opens up about alcoholism & recovery

WWE fans haven’t seen Alicia Fox since the Raw Reunion show this summer. The former Divas champion and Total Divas star hasn’t wrestled since April. Throughout the year there have been rumors of personal issues, including a report Arn Anderson was fired because she wrestled while intoxicated on a house show he was in charge of.

Now, she’s opening up about her issues with alcohol, and what she’s doing about them. She’s also making a gracious offer to support others who want to get sober.

As someone with my own addiction and recovery story, please allow me to welcome The Foxy One to the fellowship. She’s asked for help and is now doing something to help others who may be going through what she’s been through. Those two things were instrumental for me, and many of my sober friends and acquaintances. They’re a great start for Alicia on a not-always-easy but always-worth-it journey.

Keep a good thought for her.

And if you’re struggling with addiction, reach out (somewhere like here). You don’t have to do it alone.

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