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Seth Rollins ignores CM Punk’s advice

During his first full night at his new job as a special correspondent for FS1’s WWE Backstage, Renee Young asked CM Punk about Seth Rollins. Specifically, she asked The Best In The World about WWE’s newest “polarizing” Superstar’s tweets, and what Rollins needs to do to “get his edge back”.

Punk declined to directly address the challenge in Seth’s tweets - which makes sense seeing as he said elsewhere on the show that he’s not looking to get back in the ring at this point. But he did offer some advice. It’s advice many others have offered, this writer included. Punk told Rollins to “stop tweeting”, then hit him with the old adage “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.”

Nevertheless, Seth persisted:

To be fair, I guess, Rollins is trying to work here. It seems he’s attempting to run something out of his fiancee’s playbook. Becky Lynch likes to say she’s in the confrontation business, and has even sent “fight me” tweets to other wrestlers. But Punk isn’t a wrestler, at least he isn’t currently.

The other problem with specifically going after Punk is that it reinforces the idea of Seth as a WWE stooge. The Voice Of The Voiceless is as well-known for criticizing and fighting WWE as he is for anything else. It’s why he got this job. If Seth wants to be “cool”, this is one to sit out. Otherwise, he comes across as Vince McMahon’s proxy. Again.

But, that seems to be something he’s okay with. So we should all probably stop wasting our time and energy offering advice to Seth Rollins.

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