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CM Punk was everything you would expect on WWE Backstage

We all had an entire week to wonder exactly what we would be getting with CM Punk on WWE Backstage moving forward. There were promises made that he would be the same unfiltered “voice of the voiceless” that made him so beloved in the past, and I’m happy to report that, well, that’s basically what he was!

After getting past the customary introduction and obvious questions regarding the possibility of his returning to WWE, we got into CM Punk: The Analyst. That included such gems as his calling out Baron Corbin bringing a man dressed in a dog suit out on SmackDown as “garbage” and then trying to get Paige to admit the same:

And telling Seth Rollins to stop tweeting, for god’s sake:

He wasn’t all negative, though.

He was playful with Renee Young, trying to get her to mention AEW’s own, Jon Moxley:

He also had praise and even excitement for an upcoming Survivor Series match:

And, of course, perhaps what we were looking forward to most, his once again cutting a promo. This time, he takes aim at Tom Arnold:

That’s the Punk we know and love.

If this is what we can expect going forward, WWE Backstage just gave us a legitimate reason to tune in each week. He was real and he was raw, steering the ship away from the kayfabe line it was toeing in its first couple of weeks and towards something approaching actual journalistic integrity. He was also fun.

That’s reason enough to come back for more.

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