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WWE NXT results, live blog (Nov. 20, 2019): Ladder match for WarGames advantage

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight: A ladder match between Adam Cole & Dominik Dijakovic for the advantage in the men’s WarGames, Triple H’s “open door” for Teams Red & Blue amidst drama about the make-up of both the babyface WarGames teams and possibly the reveal of the men’s and women’s Survivor Series teams, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


William Regal is standing by that door Triple H left open with a couple guards, and The Man comes around. The GM smiles at his old student and has her escorted into the arena. Mauro Ranallo and the Full Sail crowd get loud for Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch’s arrival.

She’s got a mic and is dressed for a scrap. She gives the crowd a minute to figure out if they’re chanting “Becky” or “NXT”, then says it’s been a while. Since she walked the ramp, sat in the corner defeated while they sang her song, and kicked someone’s ass her live! But we won’t have to wait much longer.

On SmackDown, Bayley’s crying about being held back with her old lady haircut. Bayley cut all her Bayley buddies except the blue-haired one holding her back. It’s not Lynch’s fault Bayley is a champ while she is The Champ. Shayna Baszler showed up on Raw a couple weeks ago to introduce herself (this brings a “Shayna’s gonna kill you” chant that Becky acknowledges as “interesting”). She invites Baszler to show up, and she can bring Mary & Jessica. What is Shayna gonna do about it? Mic drop and entrance music, but it’s not The Queen of Spades... it’s Rhea Ripley!

They smile at each other to a small “Rhea’s gonna kill you chant”. Ripley says, “So you’re the man... let’s see if you have a set of balls.” And it looks like this is the match...

Rhea Ripley vs. Becky Lynch

Lynch backs Rhea into the corner, then kicks her out of the ring. The Man heads to the apron, but Ripley gets her on her shoulders and swings her face first into the edge of the ring. She talks a little smack as we split the screen for commercials. It’s all Mosh Pit Kid while the ads play, and the Aussie does a lot of trash talking while working the heat.

As we return to one screen, Lynch kicks out of a cover after a dropkick. They trade strikes, and Bex lands a series of kicks at the ropes, but when she tries to follow-up with something for them top, Rhea gets up and grabs her. Lynch counters a slam into a DDT and they’re both down. They trade strikes again, and The Man gets the better of it again, but when she charges, Ripley pops her up and slams her down. Roll-up from Bex when Rhea tries to cover. Top rope leg drop from the Raw champ gets two as Full Sail offers dueling let’s go chants.

Dis-Arm-Her locked in, but Rhea rolls over and gets to the ropes. She lifts Lynch in a power bomb, but Becky transitions that into a head scissor takeover. The Man up top, but Ripley catches he and hits the superplex! Both women down, and her comes the 34 Horsewomen and the bell.

Becky Lynch vs. Rhea Ripley ends in a no contest

The run-in is unsuccessful, as Lynch & Ripley fight off Shayna, Jessica & Mary.

We see The Top Guys arrive for their match later on. Security also escorts them into the building. Takes us into another break, then a Kay Lee Ray hype video brings us back from.

Kona Reeves Ricochet vs. Matt Riddle

Kona was blasted by The One And Only while entering. He and The Original Bro sized each other up and called for the bell. It’s all Ric at first, as he sends Riddle to the outside and then follows with a dive. Back in, Ricochet wants the standing SSP, but he jumps right into a triangle submission. He gets free, but Riddle keeps his foot on the gas, getting a nearfall after a Bro-ton.

It’s not long before Ric gets back in control, and gets two of his own after hitting the standing SSP. He climbs and launches a Phoenix Splash, but Riddle evades. Back up up for strikers, and Bro hits a Final Flash, then a big release German. Both men are down as Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura hit the ring. They fight them off, but Riddle reverse a roll up on Ric in the confusion.

Matt Riddle def. Ricochet via pinfall

They brawl continues after the ball. Ric gets the better of Cesaro and hits a huge dive from the apron over the barricade. Shinsuke and Riddle fight it out in the ring and Nak has the upper hand when Roderick Strong runs in with a high knee! The Original Bro regroups, and here’s Balor! He attacks Riddle, they brawl, but Riddle hits a throat strike that sends Finn to the outside to end the segment.

Take a breath as Mauro, Nigel McGuinness & Beth Phoenix catch us up on what’s happened and remind us there’s now a #1 contender Triple Threat at TakeOver. That gets a hype video and then we see Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly warming up as Adam Cole looks on.

After a commercial, it’s a rundown of the Survivor Series matches that feature NXT talent (at least the ones where we know who the NXT talent are). Then it’s tag dream match time!

The Revival vs. Undisputed ERA

Scott Dawson & Kyle O’Reilly start. Kyle powers Dawson into the corner on a lock-up, but the Top Guy rolls out and leads KOR & Bobby Fish on a chase, and we end up with a four man stand. Fish & Dash Wilder do something similar. All four men brawl, then Kyle suplexes Dash over the top rope. Both men crash to the floor as we take a commercial break.

The current NXT Tag champs are working over Wilder when we return. Quick tags from Fish & KOR as they keep Dash in their corner amidst dueling “Undisputed”/”FTR” chants. A lot of The ERA works a lot of their MMA-based offense. Fish nearly chokes Wilder out with a guillotine, then lets him fall to the floor when he reaches the rope, where O’Reilly works him over with kicks. Dash gets a belly-to-back suplex after a roll-up and looks like he’ll get a tag, but goes to the wrong corner. He fights TUE off again, but Kyle takes out Dawson before Wilder can reach his corner. Undisputed with Chasing The Dragon for two, then O’Reilly sends Dash to the outside and follows with the knee off the apron as we take another commercial break.

The same two men are in the ring when we get back. Wilder catches Kyle in mid-air for a powerbomb, then ducks to send Fish to the ground and finally gets the tag. Dawson is in and KOR gets dumped to the floor immediately, leaving Fish alone. They brawl, and after dumping O’Reilly again, a swinging neckbreaker and a headbutt off the top gets Scott a two count. Wilder recovers to hit Bobby with a European uppercut when he runs the ropes, which sends Fish right a brainbuster from Dawson for a great nearfall.

The Revival try for DIY’s Meeting In The Middle, and KOR sacrifices himself to save his partner (the legal man). Things break down, and O’Reilly is sent to the floor again as Fish takes a superplex from Dawson before getting hit with a splash from Dash, but he still kicks out! The Top Guys go for a Doomsday Device, but Fish slips free. Kicks and he manages to drop Dawson. He calls for Kyle and they work a double team, but Dash takes KOR out. Shatte Machine! But O’Reilly pulls Dawson out while he’s covering. He blast Wilder with a knee on the floor, gets back for a tag and hits a knee off the top into the back of Dawson. One, two, NO!

Another nearfall off a striking combo that ends with an axe kick. The ERA try for a double team finisher but Dawson fights free. He looks for his partner, but Wilder is still struggling to get to his feet on the floor. Dawson tells them to f*** off, then takes the high/low kicks and KOR covers.

The Undisputed ERA def. The Revival via pinfall

We see highlights and then are shown what’s happening outside, where Viking Raiders are jawing with The Forgotten Sons (I think). A badass Poppy-soundtracked video package for the women’s WarGames follows a break. Next up is a match between two women who factored in the end of last week’s ladder match, one of whom is in that WarGames match.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai

Dakota comes out hot at the bell, getting a quick nearfall after some kicks and a Canadian Destroyer. Kai slips out of Gory bomb attempt, then Ray does the same to a GTK and blasts Kai into the corner to take control. Two count after a suplex from Ray, and another on a facebuster suplex after the Kiwi tried to escape. The UK Women’s ramp targets Dakota’s knee and talks trash, then corners Kai with a chop and more knee work. Dakota gets free and when Ray follows, nails a standing double stomp. Lariat and kick combo follow, but ends up getting sent to the floor. Out there, Dakota whips Kay Lee into the steps. Big boot to the face, back in, one-two-no!

Another bicycle kick in the ring, but before Kai can follow-up in any meaningful way, Ray hits the Gory Bomb.

Kay Lee Ray def. Dakota Kai via pinfall

Carmella appears on the apron after the bell, and then Team SmackDown attacks. NXT women run in, and then Team Raw is in there somehow. Kairi Sane hits and InSane Elbow on Tegan Nox, then has a staredown with Io Shirai. Before anything comes of that Stardom reunion, Nikki Cross tearing everyone up with a garage can lid on the ramp distracts them. She clears the ring and stands tall to end the segment.

We see Tommaso Ciampa and Keith Lee in the locker room watching Dominik Dijakovic warming up for the ladder match.

War Viking Raiders vs. Forgotten Sons

Crowd does the “WAR” chant, which throws me off. Erik is a house of fire at the bell, blasting Wesley Blake to the floor, then doing the same to Steve Cutler. Tag to Erik and Blake takes a powerbomb and a splash, but the Raiders only get two. Cutler manages to tie Erik up long enough for Blake to connect with a drop kick to his back while Cutler hits a flatline and get the heels in control. The Sons (including Jaxson Ryker at ringside) keep distracting the referee to do underhanded stuff. Tag to Ivar who flies around and kicks ass again until Ryker pulls him off the apron. Flying knee from Cutler puts him down on the floor as we head to a commercial.

Erik is toe-to-toe with Blake when we return, and gets a tag for Ivar to clean house again. Quick tags and tandem maneuvers are the name of the game for the Raw champs. Ryker levels Erik to slow the big guy’s roll. Cutler hits a DVD off the apron. The referee throws Ryker out, and Ivar takes him out with a suicide dive. Cutler rolls up Erik, but gets hit with a big knee strike. Blake gets in and takes out everyone, leaving all four men down. They get up and all three men do cartwheels away from several shots. Handspring double back elbow and tag to Erik. The Viking Experience ends it.

Viking Raiders def. Forgotten Sons via pinfall

An Adam Cole video package as we’re reminded about his Survivor Series title defense against the winner of Saturday’s Triple Threat. We rundown the history of NXT’s version of WarGames, and the announcers run down the two WarGames at TakeOver and the rest of Saturday’s card.

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Adam Cole

Entrances for the ladder match start at 9:50 Eastern, so this will be quicker than the women’s one last week.

The champ charges at the bell, blasting the bigger man down with a forearm. A few more punches and kicks and he heads outside for a ladder, but Dijakovic catches him and goes on the offensive, ending a flurry with a huge lariat. Dominik heads outside to get a ladder, but as he’s bringing it in to the ring, Cole hits it with a drop kick and send the bigger man down. It doesn’t take long before DD returns the favor with a big boot on the ladder while the champ carries it. He then slams it down on Cole a couple different ways and sets the ladder up to climb, but he gets pulled down. Dijakovic returns the favor, then Cole does the same. When Undisputed’s leader does it, though, he targets the knee. Cole slams Dom’s knee off the ring post a few times before getting another ladder from the outside.

We get some action during a PiP commercial, mostly Cole using the ladder as a weapon in the ring. A reversal from Dijakovic sends the champ backfirst on a ladder. He rolls to the outside to regroup, and when he does he gets a third ladder. They’re fighting over that when we get back to full screen. One ladder is set up in the middle at this point, another is leaned in a corner, and DD bridges the third from the middle turnbuckle and to the ladder in the middle. Dijakovic looks to suplex Cole onto a ladder, but the champ strikes first and drops DD facefirst onto it. Cole climbs, but Dom catches up and goozles him, chokeslamming him down on the leaning ladder!

Dijakovic tries to climb, but Cole grabs a boot. DD goes for Feast Your Eyes, but Cole slips free and starts to climb. The bigger man realizes it and grabs him, but Cole reverses to hit Panama Sunrise! He shoves Dominik out and races up the ladder, but his opponent catches him. Dijakovic does hit Feast Your Eyes, but the impact comes from DD’s wounded knee. He regroups and climbs, but Cole catches up to him. They struggle for the case, and the champ uses it to smack Dominik in the face. He falls through the bridging ladder, then grabs the case.

Adam Cole def. Dominik Dijakovic

Cole poses with his belt and the briefcase as TUE comes down to celebrate with him, but SmackDown guys block their path. They stop, and the Raw guys are behind them. Brawl time! While everyone fights on the ramp, Drew McIntyre shows up in the ring! Claymore on DD! Keith Lee is in! Spirit Bomb! Ivar is in. They decide to stereo dive on everyone outside together.

Adam Cole gets up and gloats as the last man standing. Seth Rollins is here to a mixed reaction though. He superkicks Cole and poses, but Daddy’s here! Tommaso Ciampa heads to the ring, but first takes a moment to superkick Cole himself. They’re throwing blows! We’re out of time!

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