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Xavier Woods has too much time on his hands, and what he’s doing with it is amazing

Xavier Woods suffered an Achilles injury while WWE was in Australia a couple weeks back. He got it surgically repaired, and healing & rehab are going to keep him out of the ring for a long time.

Which means Woods is on the sidelines (of his wrestling job, anyway - UpUpDownDown and the other gigs he works under his Austin Creed continue) for longer than he’s ever been in his career. That means he has can chow down on his favorite disgusting concoction relatively guilt-free:

And transform himself into a one-man Mardi Gras band...

This is just a sampling of what the 33 year old’s been up to over the last week or so!

We didn’t really think anyone would top Big E’s descent into madness during his last injury layoff, but his New Day partner is off to a good start.

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