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I’m looking forward to this Undertaker interview more than Survivor Series

We’re just days out from this year’s edition of Survivor Series. I’m not particularly excited for the card.

It’s not that it looks bad, necessarily, I just don’t care about this brand warfare nonsense WWE is constantly pushing on us. The wrestlers themselves hardly care — because, really, why would you care about representing a brand, after all — and there are no stakes. The matches might be good, but even Corey Graves knows they’re missing something.

Which is why I’m looking forward to a podcast more than the big wrestling show airing before it.

Indeed, Undertaker will join Stone Cold Steve Austin on episode one of the Broken Skull Sessions on the WWE Network immediately after Survivor Series goes off the air. The preview clip they released has me even more hyped than I was before:

It’s rare we get to see Undertaker just shooting the breeze with an old friend telling stories about his time in professional wrestling. This is a far cry from “The Deadman” working a gimmick.

Should be great fun!

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