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What Charlotte & Andrade talk about

Sure, we’ve seen the steamy vacation pics, classy red carpet shoots, and adorably affectionate moments...

But what do WWE Superstars and very attractive humans Charlotte Flair and Andrade talk about?

Flair was doing some promotional work in India last week, and News18 asked The Queen that very question:

“What do we talk about? Oh, what do we not talk about! You know, what’s so special is having someone with you that understands what you do. His grandfather was a wrestler, his dad was a wrestler, his uncles are wrestlers. Being in the industry, liking the same things, understanding the pressure, understanding the travel. But the one thing that he has been able to do I felt like when we met, I was kind of going through a rougher time in my career I just ended the rivalry with Becky and I felt like I had lost that confidence in the ring and that’s one thing that he has been able to do is bring out a different level of confidence inside the ring. We both try to teach each other things, I mean he knows everything there is to know about wrestling but little nuances or camera work or you know, just being a star. I mean he is a star in his own right, but we just come from such different backgrounds but at the same time it’s very much similar. So, we’re able to help each other that way.”

Makes sense. There aren’t too many people who know what life in WWE is like, let alone that AND being wrestling royalty. Everything else is just gravy. Really attractive gravy.

So now you know what Charlotte & Andrade talk about. If you want to see what else the Indian press asked Flair - including about her on & off screen relationship with Becky Lynch and love of the spicy food - head here.

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