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Becky Lynch says what we’re all thinking about WWE’s ‘brand supremacy’ nonsense

The entire concept of “brand supremacy” within a single promotion is dumb, and lame, and indicative of a company that doesn’t really get why fans watch the content it creates. Despite this, WWE has been repeating the process every year once Survivor Series rolls around.

This year, NXT has been added to the mix. There are many business reasons to do such a thing, but the reality is no one cares about this whole “brand supremacy” crap.

Straight from the mouth of Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch:

”The two of them, Bayley and Shayna, they’ve both been running back-and-forth yelling about whose brand is better. I don’t give a bollocks about brand supremacy. The brands, they don’t care about us. I don’t understand why this is a thing. If they want to come after me, come after me because I am the best, I am the pinnacle, not just of women’s wrestling but of wrestling in general. Come after me for the right reasons.”

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up!

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