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I can’t figure out what Vince McMahon thinks of Andrade

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Andrade was called up to WWE’s main roster around 18 months ago, and for the most part it feels like he’s been more protected than most young stars on the roster.

His current run on Raw illustrates that point. He has wrestled on the last six episodes of Raw, and has walked away from it with five wins and just one defeat. The loss occurred on this week’s episode, where Andrade was actually protected from taking a pin fall loss to top star Seth Rollins. Andrade lost by disqualification after three guys in blue shirts jumped the ring and attacked The Architect. Rollins gave Andrade a nod of approval and respect after the match.

That’s an encouraging sign for Andrade, yet there’s one thought on my mind that I simply can’t shake: once again Andrade is not booked on the next WWE pay-per-view (PPV). Andrade has not competed on the main card of a PPV since earlier this year at Super ShowDown in June. It’s really hard for anyone to become a big deal in WWE without making a splash on PPV.

Andrade has wrestled on the main card of only five WWE pay-per-view events since the start of 2018. That includes two Royal Rumble matches, an eight-man ladder match, a fatal 4-way match, and a battle against The Demon Finn Balor in Saudi Arabia. That’s five PPV matches with zero wins, and just one singles match. That he has only one singles match on PPV suggests that El Idolo rarely ever gets focused or well-developed storylines. It also makes me wonder, how the heck did Andrade versus Rey Mysterio never turn into a PPV feud?

Andrade has been on the main roster for 18 months yet has never won a match on the main card of a PPV. I find that fact to be quite mind-boggling if the idea is that the decision-makers in WWE want to turn him into a big star. It’s damn near impossible to become a big star in WWE without receiving a regular spotlight on PPV.

I also looked through the data on CageMatch and was reminded that Andrade often came up on the losing end when he was a member of the SmackDown roster. He wrestled in 36 televised matches for the blue brand, with a record of 11-23-2. Things have gone much better for him on Raw, where he is 8-3 in 11 televised matches.

Putting all of this together, I have no idea what Vince McMahon thinks of this guy. I guess recent booking should be weighed more heavily than past booking, and in that sense it would appear Vince McMahon wants to protect Andrade. But if Andrade rarely gets booked on PPV, and never wins on that stage, then maybe McMahon thinks of him more as someone to just fill TV time with good matches and nothing more.

The situation is likely muddled by the fact that WWE’s roster is so bloated that even some wrestlers Vince wants to keep strong might have a tough time getting those spots on Sunday nights. Hell, even top stars like Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan missed out on SummerSlam this year.

But then I look at another young star like Ricochet, and I see someone who was called up to the main roster in February 2019 and already has competed in eight PPV matches, with a ninth bout coming up this weekend on Nov. 24 at Survivor Series. It’s hard for me to see that and not think that Andrade would be all over these PPVs if Vince McMahon really had plans to do anything meaningful with him.

I don’t know what all of this means. Can you make any sense out of Andrade’s booking for me, Cagesiders?