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Despite how happy he is with the Lana/Lashley angle, Rusev questions report he re-signed with WWE

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Rusev’s Instagram

Rusev loves his current storyline. That’s what he’s been telling everyone about the angle which features his wife Lana leaving him because he’s a sex addict and taking up Bobby Lashley so she can [checks notes] have lots of sex.

It’s what he told Digital Spy last week. Rusev also told the site he doesn’t care that Corey Graves panned the program on his After The Bell podcast, or that a lot of fans seem to dislike it:

“Just because Corey Graves doesn’t like it or somebody else it doesn’t mean anything. Obviously, the numbers speak for itself, we’re the highest-viewed YouTube video in a long, long time. I’m stoked about it.

We have fans that are not even fans of WWE that tune in because they like the drama. That’s what I don’t understand, when you watch Game of Thrones or any of your favorite shows there’s always a scandal, there’s always things like that. That’s why I don’t understand why some people are trying to reject that.

It’s just those super ultra fans in their basement that are trying to reject it, which it is what it is, you know, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch it.”

I don’t really have it in me to deal with another WWE Superstar blaming fans for not liking something. That’s well-covered ground.

I do wonder why, since Rusev says elsewhere in that interview “How can I not be happy?” and since Vince McMahon is said be throwing around extensions with lots of zeroes in them, he went out of his way to correct a basement-dweller about his contract status...

Now that’s some drama!