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WWE Raw results, live blog (Nov. 18, 2019): Survivor Series go home show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 18, 2019) from the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Massachusetts, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this coming Sunday night in Rosemont.

Advertised for tonight: Seth Rollins vs. Andrade, The Viking Raiders vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder for the Raw tag team titles, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


As I start a chase, stalking in the night, my prayers have been answered. Caught in a desperate plight, voices of the damned. Infectious clouds of doom sought to make my path, ignore the lies of truth. Epitome of torture, misleading my desire. Epitome of torture, no chance for your revival. Nothing left inside but for me to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with Becky Lynch making her entrance.

She calls Bayley and Shayna Baszler out as little snakes and demands they come face her, champion to champion. They’ve been running around shouting about brand supremacy, but she doesn’t care about that, she just wants to fight. And what better place for an Irish person to fight than right here in Boston?

Enter the Iconic Duo.

Peyton Royce opens their promo, apologizing for the interruption, and Billie Kay announces the terrible, terrible news that they’ve been left off of Team Raw at Survivor Series somehow. They say they’re the future, but Lynch says a better future is her wrestling the both of them right here.

Enter Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte says it’s fine if Becky doesn’t want to tag with her, but she doesn’t get to be the only one to come out and talk about her Survivor Series match, because Flair will be leading Team Raw into battle.

Enter... Samoa Joe?

We go to break before we can find out why the Samoan Submission Machine is here.

Back from commercial, Samoa Joe has joined commentary and we have a match!

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. the Iconic Duo (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce)

Iconics in charge early, working Flair over, quick tags, but Charlotte fires up with chops, figure four applied, bridging back, Lynch runs in to hit the exploder on Royce...

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair win by submission with the Figure Eight from Flair on Billie Kay.

Post-match, Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke jump the Iconics! Flair and Lynch turn and head back to the ring to make the save but they get overwhelmed by That Damn Numbers Game! Security gets involved... AND THE MAN KNOCKS ONE OF ‘EM OUT WITH A RIGHT!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of what we just saw, because Raw is three hours long. (Three hours long.)

Backstage, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder are interviewed about the tag title shot they earned with a victory on a house show.

They talk about how prepared they are and then the Authors of Pain roll up and get in their faces... AND BEAT THEM DOWN!

The OC make their entrance and AJ Styles gets on the mic.

He says, for the record, that he’d love to defend his title tonight but Humberto Carrillo disrespected him last week. And that’s why Karl Anderson is gonna beat the crap out of him!

Humberto Carrillo vs. Karl Anderson

Anderson in with a front kick, backing Carrillo into the corner and clawing at his face. Whip across, up and over, back handspring sets up an arm drag and Humberto follows it up with a springboard arm drag! Duck a lariat, double jump springboard crossbody headbutt! Putting Karl into position but his teammates make the save! Jawing at the Club, the heels look to be on the verge of running away but here come the Street Profits!

Carrillo dives on the OC and slaps hands with the Profits to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Anderson in control, whip across, chops and punches in the corner, scoop and a slam, only two. Following with a reverse chinlock, clubbing blows, big back elbow, again just a nearfall and Karl goes right back to the reverse chinlock. Carrillo fights to his feet and breaks free with strikes, boots up in the corner, dropkick gets him some breathing room!

Charging forearm, snapmare, dropkick, Humberto running hot, back roll into a standing moonsault... NOPE! To the apron, Shotei, up top, diving crossbody for two! Springboard... COUNTERED INTO THE SPINNING SPINEBUSTER BUT CARRILLO KICKS OUT! Powerbomb lift, Humberto counters into a Frankensteiner and sends Karl into the turnbuckles! Springboard roundhouse kick, drag Anderson into position but AJ Styles runs interference!

Gallows snaps Humberto’s neck over the top rope but the Profits rotate the pin Anderson gets...

Humberto Carrillo wins by pinfall with an inside cradle.

The OC sulk in the ring as the babyfaces celebrate.

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage.

He talks about how of course he had to accept Andrade “Cien” Almas’ challenge, given that he considers himself a leader and he leads by example and whatnot.

Charly Caruso says we’ve got some breaking news coming up that has to be seen to be believed, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Bobby Lashley and Lana make their entrance.

Lana announces that she’s very happy because she’s filed for divorce as of this morning, and that came with a restraining order keeping Rusev 90 feet away from her at all times.

Bobby Lashley vs. No Way Jose

Lashley dominates early, Jose fires some strikes off in return, up and over, Bob eats the corner hard, No Way ducks a lariat, right hands, side headlock but Lashley drops him! Off the ropes, whip across, thrust spinebuster! Full nelson applied, Jose can’t get away...

Bobby Lashley wins by submission with a full nelson.

Post-match Lashley and Lana make out some more.

Commentary hypes up Rollins/Almas and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Zelina Vega cuts her traditional mid-entrance promo about how Andrade “Cien” Almas is the greatest.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Seth Rollins (c) (Team Raw Captain’s Deciding Match)

Circling, collar and elbow, Almas gets a wristlock, shoulder armbreaker, reversed, Rollins with a hammerlock. Reversed to a waistlock, reversed back to a wristlock, Andrade rolls through and gets a wristlock of his own. Kip-up reversal, jockeying for position, stalemate! Seth with a headscissors, Cien reverses to a side headlock, counter with a cradle and again they stalemate!

Side headlock, Almas gets him in the ropes to force a break but Rollins just reapplies and hits the takeover. Andrade reverses, shot off, shoulder block, neither man budges and a shoving match breaks out! Off the ropes, drop down, leapfrog, roll over, arm drag, arm drag and Seth gets the armbar! Shot off, uppercut gets a dropkick, no good!

Beating Rollins down in the corner, Seth fires back with chops, whip across, running forearm connects. Charging in, back body drop puts him on the apron and Rollins manages to avoid Vega’s interference only to get blasted off the apron by Almas! Zelina with a Frankensteiner attempt... SETH BLOCKS AND REFEREE SHAWN BENNETT THROWS HER OUT! Tornillo from Andrade sends us to break!

Back from commercial, off the ropes, duck a lariat, Rollins hits Sling Blade! Boot up in the corner, diving blockbuster, clothesline to the floor and here he comes... SUICIDE DIVE! A SECOND! Back inside, springboard knee lands true but can only get a nearfall! Tuning up the band, superkick, Andrade ducks the Blackout and hits a Frankensteiner when Seth goes for the buckle bomb!

Corner double knees... SO CLOSE! Jockeying for position, rolling through, Rollins deadlifts him out of a sunset flip into the buckle bomb! Avada Kedavra... NOT ENOUGH! Both men slow to rise, trading forearms, the slowest Uraken of all time from Seth, big elbow gets the back elbow out of Almas! Three Amigos one, two, and three... NOPE! Dragging Rollins into position, up top, jockeying for position... SETH DODGES THE TREE OF WOE DOUBLE STOMP!

Superkick, Falcon Arrow, only two, Rollins heads up top... AND LUCHA HOUSE PARTY ATTACK?!

Seth Rollins wins by disqualification, retaining his spot as captain of Team Raw.

Lucha House Party press the attack but when they go after Almas, Rollins wakes back up and helps his opponent run them off. Andrade gives him a little bit of the “you and me, we aren’t done here” hand sign, and Seth tells him they’ll do it again sometime down the road.

Buddy Murphy is shown literally knocking on Aleister Black’s door backstage and informing him he’s here to pick a fight before deciding that Al is all talk and walking off.

After a beat Black steps out of his door and looks around to see where the disturbance is coming from.

Triple H gets out of a limousine backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Akira Tozawa gets an inset promo where he sends a message, in Japanese, to Buddy Murphy.

Akira Tozawa vs. Buddy Murphy

Circling, Murphy going for a wristlock, wrenching the arm, shifting into a kneeling armbar, Tozawa rolls through and reverses. Buddy rolls through, arm wringer, Akira hits a pair of big chops to the throat! Buddy passes him into the corner, jockeying for position, chops land true, off the ropes, pop-up drop leaves Tozawa glassy but he’s able to snap off a Frankensteiner!

Basement dropkick cuts Murphy off on the return but Buddy catches the suicide dive into a suplex on the floor! Back inside, cover gets two, Cobra Twist applied as a followup. Blocking the reversal, keeping the hold on, but Akira is able to hip toss him to the floor! Back inside, a superkick knocks Murphy’s block off! Charging in, back body drop to the apron, roundhouse kick connects, Tozawa off the top with a missile dropkick!

Charging in, pump kick, the Stamina Monster fired up, going under, German suplex connects into the bridge! Only two, Shining Wizard to capitalize... NOPE! Headed up top, Buddy cuts him off, boot up in the corner. Akira lands another pump kick, climbs up after him, shoved down and Murphy sets him up for Cheeky Nando’s! Countered with a kick, the Poison Frankensteiner sends Buddy to the floor!

Suicide dive connects, back inside, Tozawa goes up top, diving senton with Murphy hung up in the ropes... SOMEHOW BUDDY KICKS OUT! Striking away, off the ropes, Buddy hits the big knee, pumphandle clutch...

Buddy Murphy wins by pinfall with Murphy’s Law.

Erick Rowan is shown baby-talking whatever’s in the cage to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Buddy Murphy confronts Aleister Black at his door and they stare at each other.

Erick Rowan makes his entrance with whatever’s in the cage.

Before his match can begin, the Singh Brothers come running down ringside with R-Truth and a referee following. Rowan double clotheslines the Singhs and heads to start his match.

Alex Malcom vs. Erick Rowan

It’s an enhancement talent squash. Rowan press slams dude over the ropes and to the floor and into both Singhs, though, which is cool.

Erick Rowan wins by pinfall with the clawslam.

Post-match, Rowan reclaims his animal friend.

Backstage, Randy Orton is interviewed.

He says he’s ready for a fight and will have a partner of his choosing ready if the Viking Raiders need a new opponent for later, and we go to break.

Drew McIntyre vs. Kevin Owens

Owens in hot with strikes, McIntyre turns him around in the corner, whip across, back elbow up on the charge, missile dropkick! Kev with chops and punches, shoulder thrusts in the corner, but Drew hammer whips him hard across! Beating him down in the corner, neckbreaker for two and McIntyre locks a kneeling surfboard on. Owens fights out, whip across, front kick, Drew with strikes of his own.

Back and forth, McIntyre bails before the Stunner and KO follows after to beat him down. Slugging it out, Drew smashes Kev’s face into the apron before press slamming him into the barricade to send us to break!

Back from commercial, McIntyre in control with a kneeling surfboard, putting him in the corner, whip across, belly-to-belly suplex for two! Action spills to the floor, cannonball off the apron puts Owens back in it. Rolling Drew inside, on the apron, the headbutt connects and McIntyre lies in wait... SUPERKICK CUTS HIM OFF! RELEASE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ON THE APRON LEAVES KO LAYING!

Back inside, powerbomb... STILL NO! Setting Owens up top, chops connect, climbing to meet him. Superplex blocked... FROG SPLASH CONNECTS BUT CAN’T PUT DREW AWAY! Stunner blocked, superkick connects but McIntyre decks him with a lariat! Off the ropes... POP-UP POWERBOMB COUNTERS FOR A NEARFALL! Up top... SENTON ATOMICO CONNECTS BUT DREW GETS THE KNEES UP!

Lining him up, superkick connects, block the Stunner, Claymore... KEV GOT HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES! Future Shock blocked, jackknife pin denied, kick to the gut... STUNNER! BUT OWENS IS SLOW TO CAPITALIZE AND MCINTYRE GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES! Lining Drew up, he blocks, underhooks applied... KO KICKS OUT OF FUTURE SHOCK! McIntyre’s frustrated, Owens hits the Stunner again...

AND TRIPLE H IS HERE! We go to break before the King of Kings can do anything.

Back from commercial, the match appears to be over with no finish announced.

Triple H is in the ring with Kevin Owens.

HHH demands a water and offers it to KO, saying it was a hell of a match and he’s always loved Boston. Just down the road from here, Killer Kowalski beat him until he was tough enough to take on the world, and now tonight there’s an opportunity to make magic. He’s here for the same reason he was there for Seth Rollins, and Kev is a different breed, the guy that when he came to NXT, he’d turn on his own best friend to win the title.

And then he had the guts to take that title, and walk down the aisle on Raw, walk straight up to John Cena and then pick a fight. Maybe more than anybody, Owens put NXT on the map and legitimized NXT, and then he was taken. He wasn’t asked to leave and Hunter’s guess is that he didn’t want to leave, and he was taken by people that didn’t realize they didn’t actually want him until after they got him.

Kurt Angle fired him, Shane McMahon fired him, they looked him in the eye and told him over and over that he doesn’t belong here... but HHH knows where Kev does belong, because he sees it in him when he looks in his eyes. He sees everything he says he is, one of the guys with the smartest in-ring IQs he’s ever seen and is every bit as good as he thinks and says he is.

It’s not an ultimatum, that’s not how he works, and the NXT superstars in the aisle are just here to ensure they can have this conversation, but isn’t it ironic that they came all the way here for KO? And why are the Raw roster not here? Half because they don’t care about Owens, but also because they know that they’ll get their asses handed to them--

At this, a bunch of Raw superstars come down and get the boots put to them by the NXT stars... AND UNDISPUTED ERA ATTACK KEVIN OWENS! THE OC JOIN THE FRAY AND RUN UNDISPUTED OFF!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Humberto Carrillo is interviewed very briefly about a United States Championship match he’ll have against AJ Styles next week.

Toss to Paul Heyman.

He does his usual intro schtick and says he was asked to relate the story behind Brock Lesnar defending the WWE Championship against Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series, and he does so. He talks about there being rumors that Brock got injured and is vulnerable to an upset, so he makes it more interesting-- it’s a no holds barred match now!

So on Sunday either Rey will pull off a miracle or Brock will massacre him so bad they’ll have to pull the footage forever.

Rey Mysterio is interviewed backstage.

He pulls Humberto Carrillo in from offstage and says he’s proud of him and he knows he’s got what it takes to win the United States Championship. He begins, saying Brock Lesnar made the mistake of a lifetime by making this match no disqualification. He shows off some kind of pipe or bat that he’s bringing with him and says he’s gonna hunt Lesnar down and make him pay.

The old Rey Mysterio would be out here demanding an apology but he knows that’s not Brock’s style. On Sunday, he’s not coming for an apology, he’s coming for the WWE Championship.

Asuka makes her entrance with Kairi Sane in tow, she’ll be in action after the break.

Asuka vs. Natalya

Asuka with a wristlock, Natalya reverses with a leg pick, stalemate. Nattie with a kick to the midsection, side headlock, shot off, jawing, off the ropes, shoulder block but neither woman is moved! Off the ropes again, hip attack blocked, Asuka shifts gears, victory roll for two! Uraken... NOPE! Disdainful kicks to Neidhart’s head, locking an armbar on, shift to an octopus hold.

Nattie out, dropkick for separation, both women slow to rise. Back elbow up, Neidhart looking for breathing room, snap suplex connects and she follows it with forearms. Whip reversed, sidestep the charge, slingshot atomic drop gets blocked but Nattie rolls it through! German suplex connects, discus lariat... STILL NO! Kairi Sane runs interference but Nattie is able to remain in control and put Asuka into the barricade!

Back inside, Asuka is ready...

Asuka wins by pinfall with a roundhouse kick.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Randy Orton’s partner is... RICOCHET!

Randy Orton & Ricochet vs. Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) (c) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

Ricochet and Erik to start, duck a lariat, leg kicks to probe at the big viking. Shoved into the corner, turn it around, chops, fast-paced jockeying for position and Erik gets a waistlock takedown! Rolling under a chop, back roll tijeras and a dropkick sends Rowe to the floor! Ricky off the ropes, tag made, tope con giro, Erik catches him but Orton attacks from behind to free his partner!

Cut Ivar off on a dive, slugging it out with Erik and Ricochet makes the save with the kickflip moonsault only for Erik to plant him with a knee! Back suplex into the apron, backstage the SmackDown roster are attacking Raw guys and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Orton is in control with a front chancery, choking Erik out. The viking posts to his feet but Randy shifts to a reverse chinlock but Rowe breaks out and decks him with a forearm! Both men down and out, tags made! Ricochet in hot, rolling over Ivar... AND IVAR RETURNS THE FAVOR! Handspring gets a cartwheel and Ricky hits an enzuigiri!

Warbeard ducks a followup, handspring back elbow! The Viper tags in, Ivar clears house, off the ropes... BIG MAN TOPE! Warbeard puts Ricky into the barricade and walks right into the hanging DDT from Orton! Randy going to that special place-- AND THE SMACKDOWN ROSTER HITS THE RING!

The match goes to an unannounced no contest.

Chaos reigns, SmackDown beating all four guys down but slowly Viking Raiders get back into it and make it a more fair fight! The four Raw stars get to a position where they can stand tall in the ring and NXT attacks from behind! The NXT guys make quick work of SmackDown and stare Raw down as yet more members of the NXT roster surround the ring on three sides!

Thanks to the RKO, Raw makes a valiant stand but NXT soon overwhelms them... UNTIL SETH ROLLINS BRINGS THE REST OF THE ROSTER DOWN!

A big wild brawl continues and we cut backstage to Triple H.

He says this is just the beginning of the end, because NXT is going to prove that they’re the A-brand of WWE, and on Wednesday it’s an open door for Raw and SmackDown-- bring everything you got.

The brawl continues. Keith Lee press slams Humberto Carrillo to the floor.

That’s the show, folks.

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