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We’ll give you three guesses who’s backstage at SmackDown (SPOILER)

We’re a little more than a week away from The Battle For Brand Supremacy™.

While we haven’t really had a full-blown invasion of the type that gave us last year’s iconic Becky Lynch moment, WWE’s been getting their usual November buzz from having stars from one brand show up to attack people on another - this time with NXT added to the Raw/SmackDown mix.

In fact, NXT’s (Saudi travel snafu-inspired) night on the blue brand a couple weeks back might be the closest we get to an “invasion” in 2019. That could be why it looks like WWE will try to recreate some of that magic when SmackDown is back live in the United States tonight (Nov. 15).

According to PWInsider, all four members of The Undisputed ERA are backstage in Philadelphia. Adam Cole doesn’t currently have a match at Survivor Series, but the NXT champion has been one of the big stars of the last few weeks. He could be a candidate to lead Team NXT in the traditional Survival Series elimination tag match against Seth Rollins’ Team Raw and Roman Reigns’ Team SmackDown.

Cole’s Undisputed brothers do have matches on Nov. 24 in Allstate Arena. North American champ Roderick Strong will face U.S. titleholder AJ Styles of Raw and Intercontinental king Shinsuke Nakamura of SmackDown, and NXT Tag champions Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly will face their Monday & Friday counterparts, currently Viking Raiders & The New Day, respectively.

Will all that still be true after tonight? Will TUE’s actions cause anything about next Sunday’s PPV in Rosemont, Illinois to change?

Join us in our live blog at 8 p.m. Eastern to find out!

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