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Booker T gives his thoughts on Jordan Myles calling WWE ‘racist’

Before ACH, real name Albert Hardie Jr., unexpectedly deleted both his Twitter and Instagram accounts today (Nov. 14), current WWE commentator Booker T tried to offer his take on the situation.

Formerly Jordan Myles in NXT, ACH wiping his social media accounts clean comes just one day after he called WWE racist and quit the company via a video released on Twitter.

On his own radio show The Hall of Fame, Booker T gave his thoughts on Myles quitting WWE.

“I don’t know if Jordan Myles has quit the company, but social media says he quit the company. My thing is I’m not gonna sit here and judge or anything like that. I’m not gonna sit here and say ‘The guy should’ve did this, the guy should’ve did that.’ I’m gonna lay out on that because I don’t need one of these backlash saying, ‘Booker said this, or Booker said that.’ But I’m just going to say this, man, the situation to where all started with the t-shirt.

Now, it’s gotten to this. I don’t know where it’s going to go from here, but I do know like some of the stuff he was saying, as far as the company goes, I can not, I’ve been on this earth for 54 years. If you think one person is something, you know call it that. If you think that person is something, call it that. But I can not judge a group and say everybody is that. When you make a blanket statement like that, you do no justice for yourself, or the culture.”

In February 2019, Albert Hardie Jr. signed a WWE contract and began working out of the Performance Center. Seven months later, the 31-year-old was crowned the winner of the eight man NXT Breakout Tournament.

Last month things between Hardie and WWE began to sour. Hardie took to social media to air his grievances with WWE after a t-shirt design was created that evoked black face images. Both Hardie and WWE would release statements passing the blame for the t-shirt making it past the design phase.

As of Thursday afternoon, WWE has not publicly responded to Hardie’s request for a release.

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